I<3GM AK-47 Fem Grow

Ak-47 Feminized seeds,

Bushdoctor Coco Loco,

Germinated May 8th 2017, sprouted a 1/4 inch taproot within 24 hours and was then planted into the medium.

Now 8 days later under 18/6 light with a GalaxyHydro 300w LED fullspectrum light.


Looks like your off to a good start


You seem to know what to do looking good my friend,
How many grows do you have under your belt.

Also Welcome to ILGM


Thanks guys! And I honestly don’t have very many grows that I’ve done. Maybe 6 total? I do spend an insane amount of time on here reading what people do, and the different things that work or don’t work for them. Hopefully we can keep the good vibes rolling and have a decent grow that will turn into a nice journal.


So germination was on the 8th of may, and now it’s the 20th of may.

Bushdoctor Coco Coir soil, watered with ph corrected water to 5.8.

300w GalaxyHydro LED full spectrum grow light set at 25 inches above the canopy of the the plant.

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Okay so it’s been quite some time since I posted on here. I’ll give a brief update of the things that have happened.

Shortly after may 23rd my cat decided it wanted to eat my plant, or at least parts of it. After about 2 or 3 weeks of consistant care brought it back and happy and healthy.

I was going to post pictures of it after all the damage had grown out and then I moved and had to set up my new grow room so pictures were delayed again for a couple days. Well while setting up the new grow room my light managed to come unhooked and smashed my healthy plant into 4 quarters. I was devastated. Well I had my honey in the room so I quickly put some on the fresh wound and pieced it back together and got her all bandaged up.

Pictures delayed again, I mean who really wants to show pictures of a smashed plant and be proud of it? Lol. Well after nursing it again for a month or so it showed that she wasn’t going to just die on me. I’ve continued to train my 4 main nodes and have done a minor SCROG setup for the middle, but due to all the damage I’m yet to see any major growth.

And to give you an idea of how tall it is, it’s in a 5 gallon lowes bucket. It’s almost as tall/is taller than I am.

I’d recommend doing some LST and super cropping


it’s already been LST on all 4 main stems. I put a good kink in them and they still streched that far. I am inflower right now and it’s stretched quite a bit. There are white hairs everywhere!

I’m only 3 weeks since I switched to 12/12 lighting and look at all those buds popping out!

That’s a closeup of one of my buds growing. No photoshop here either. I have the LED Light on and I used a lamp from the house to actually light up the bud and take a picture. I have about 25 days to go before it should be ready give or take a few days. It’s so skunky in my little grow space I love it.

This is a different bud on my plant, look at all those crystals man! I can’t wait until this bud is ready, I’m super stoked to smoke it!

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Also apparently the average flowering period on my plant is 64 days, and if my math is at least somewhat correct, I’m about 3 weeks away from harvest, give or take.

Time to start flushing nutrients and get ready to split that stalk!

How is your plant now? I imagine you have harvested it at this point?