Blumat auto watering system

Can you give me some insight on how to set this up? It almost that time for me.

@plutarch - can you give us some info on how you set up a water meter, what device you used, and how you track it and make these nice pictures? I love a good data science project. :slight_smile:

Apologies for the long delayed response. I am back to hand watering after a season outside which was wonderful and which I strongly recommend where you can do it. With only two at a time the hand watering thing is kind of therapy. However, for those interested in the dripper setup go simple. Don’t overthink the number of carrots or number of drip connections to start. My initial design and set up was way too complex and overengineered. One carrot per plant is plenty and you can get drip tubes to extend around the plant for better coverage but they are probably not necessary at the outset. Make sure you set it up on loop and not a single run if you can and include a bleeder line and a valve for it. Very important. The one thing that will get you here is air in the lines. Go for the upscale hose if its still an option, its more pliable and get a few extra connectors. I would call and review the setup if I were to do it again first. I had a several order iterative process for mine. Flush the lines for peace of mind once in a while and setup your water source the minimum required for the gravity flow to work. I added a connection at the midpoint of my loop with a bleeder line. Making the midpoint easy to find and the process easy. Added a stone and some air to mine eventually also. You can get the prepped bucket or make your own. I would stay away from running nutes for the most part through it. They will run, but clear connectors will catch light and things will start to grow in there eventually. I used a three layer soil setup which required little extras and pulled them once in a while to flush and or add anything. Follow the directions and read them after you have them all figured out again would be my advice. Once the thing is set its golden. But its easy to mess up the first pass and then overengineer adjustments. As to the logs and the pretty charts I merely added the water meters to the kit and then routinely log temp, humidity, and once set the water meters along with PAR readings, leaf temps and whatever else I can overengineer and try and figure out. They work much like the carrots and once in line you can log and manage the water much like you can by the hanId lift method but with a metric to log if you are a numbers geek like me. I use the water meters with the hand water setup also to log and manage the water over the term. To be fair the last grow with the carrots was great water wise but suffered from Vaper Pressure Deficit. Diagnosed not by me but by another user on here. Lots of moving parts in this hobby. Which makes it interesting. Lastly while these are not easy to set up, they worked great for me if I had to leave and travel and wanted things to be on auto for a relatively extended period. They also eased the water burden on an old and tired back. In a pinch once set, and left with the valves open at the carrot and closed at the res a helper can release a controlled drop of PH prepped water by the release of a single valve for a predetermined period. Easing the call buddy ask if required.