Blueberry kush photo first grow

I began by placing 2 growers choice blueberry kush photo seeds in a glass of filtered tap water for 14 hours and then proceeded to put them in a damp paper towel wrapped in a sandwich baggy. It took 48 hours for one seed to pop a half inch tap root and the other I let go for another 24 hours until it squeezed out about a quarter inch of tap root.

Once I was happy with a tap root I cut into a cube of root riot about a half inch and sandwiches the Taproot facing down between the two sides.

I have a seedling tray but no fluorescent light so in the window sill they went which I believed caused a little initial stretching.

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I had some initial confusion deciding how close to put the 240w kingbrite v2 qb to these delicate seedlings and was unsure about the stretching at the time.

To counteract the stretching and the slow growth I saw over the first week I repotted the seedlings about 5 days after sprout into half gallon containers of happy frog seedling potting mix. The other 2 seedlings were started exactly one week after the initial 2 so I can compare and contrast potting times and stress levels as I go.

With the stems steady and some light DI watering (maybe 20-30 mil from a syringe) every couple days I began to see real noticable growth maybe 2 days after repotting.

By day 9 or 10 from sprout I can notice growth is beginning to accelerate.

Day 12


Day 14


There has been some of what I believe is slight nute burn on all the plants from the repotting in happy frogs, but that hasn’t seemed to slow this beast down one bit… (19 days)

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Also after much trial and error I have determined the correct distance for my 240w kingbrite is 24inch from the tops and 50% dimmed. I’m hoping to incrementally increase the light intensity as I get closer to flower but for now the nodes are stacked so tight idk how I’m gonna LST yet so she’s staying at 50%.

Watching. Good luck - there is lots of great info to be had in here.

After a short bout with paranoia I learned how to turn off location tagging. Biggest plant looks a bit sad today I’m hoping she’s just ready for a watering tonight. I will probably move up the transplanting to tonight as well so I can give her a good watering right after.

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Oops that’s the smallest plant. She still looks a little sad.

Looking nice. Good color to them. Think it may be time for a transplant coming soon.

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Yea, I wasn’t planning on doing it until they all hit 3 weeks but the younger plants had to settle for crappy small starter pots so they need some more space in my opinion. Also my 2nd light doesnt come for a couple weeks so Im thinking it will be better to re pot them all simultaneously so I don’t have issues distancing the light.

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Typically rule of thumb, transplant when leaves reach outer cup of first pot. But I’m sure you have some time. Just don’t let them get rootbound.

I almost did it last night but then I had an existential crisis over whether my 7 gallon plastic pots would be good enough and maybe I should run back and get frabic pots etc.

I know for my next grow I want to try those air pots. They look nifty.

Transplant complete and the biggest ones look reaaallly sad now. Someone… Anyone, tell me this is a normal reaction to transplant.


To top or not to top is the question I will be obsessing over this weekend while these girls recover. I am extremely torn on whether to top and do LST or just do LST.

I will probably settle on topping one of each of the older and younger plants and just LST for the other 2 and compare.

Everyone on this site was correct, the transplant was a success and after maybe 6 hours of sadness the bushy monster plant along with the others are bright and perky and showing no slow down in growth.


I said screw it and topped em all. Keeping my fingers crossed it works out.

So on the 18th I topped all my plants. Two were at 22 days from sprout and the other 2 were at 15 days from sprout. The older more established plants took to it much better and all their lower growth tips took off. The 15 day old ones not so much but I’m hoping they will get with the program by the end of the week.