Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower

I am a very inexperienced grower and would appreciate any tips/suggestions! I’ve only grown 2 successful plants before this which yielded big but very thin and popcorny buds hence why I’m trying main lining this time. I got my Blueberry 420 seeds from AMS, and I’m not certain but want to say they’re on week 4-5. Really not sure. I have topped twice, the first time when there was 6 nodes, down to the 3rd one. I followed nugbuckets guide and tied the new growth from the nodes down when they were big enough. They were topped again after each new cola had 2 nodes, down to the first one. the 4 new colas are growing out and I will top once more for a total of 8. I am growing indoors in an empty room. I used fox farm ocean Forrest soil, and it’s in a 3 gallon smart pot. I am also using the fox farm nutrients grow big and big bloom, following the fox farm feeding schedule. Right now I have one 1000w LED lamp on it. I have another 300w LED lamp that is not in use. Are there any suggestions for using both lamps or is the one sufficient for now? I read blueberry is a somewhat difficult strain to grow so I will keep updating this thread and any insight would be greatly appreciated! Here is what she looks like today. I’m only starting with one and taking clones the next time I top.


Larfy buds usually come from poor light intensity. The 1000w led u have is probably closer to 200w depending on the brand. U can use the 300 w u have for side light.

I also grow in a larger space and that’s good for growing many plants but if u just have one u would be better getting in a corner of the room to use the walls to bounce light back to your plant. A couple of pieces of reflective board from Lowe’s at 10$ a pc would really make better use of your light unless your walls are painted a bright white which is also very reflective.

U have more guts than me. I could never cut that much off one of my plants. Good luck I hope u get some dense nugs!


I do have the plant in a corner of the room, it has a sort of open closet I guess you could call it. I had tinfoil on the walls lol I didn’t know where to get the light reflectors thanks for the tip! The lamp I have I got from Amazon and the brand is Dimgogo, I’m new to the site so I’m going to try and attach the link here -

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Is there a better kind of lighting you suggest? The last two plants I grew I had both under the one 1000w lamp, that’s why I’m starting with one for now I wanted to see how much better it would be with just one plant directly under the lamp. Should I invest another $120 into a second lamp of the same kind?

@dbrn32. He’s your lighting guy. Tin foil is great reflective material. It works fine.


Thanks for the heads up I’ll check out his posts!


You could certainly get better lighting. But since you’re only mainlining the one plant I would suggest giving it a try with wat you have.

If you surround your area with reflective material will help a lot. If you use aluminum foil, I would suggest crumpling it up a little to avoid hot spots from direct reflection. Otherwise stuff like panda film works very well and is pretty inexpensive. When you switch to flower I would suggest adding the other light fixture and gradually lowering the two lights as you feel comfortable doing so.


How far away would you suggest for the stage it’s in now?

Probably somewhere between 18-24”. I’m not very familiar with those, but pretty common for that power level.

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I’m a sucker for plant teaining, and mainline is one of my favorite techniques. I look forward to following along with this. I would suggest adding a little soil all of that stem if burrried will become root, I believe anyway. When I top I like to try to leave a little extra on the stem from the node I take off to help with stability when the stalk begins to thicken. She looks good just needs some time to recover from the training. :+1::v:

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I have 2 of those lights and they only pull 120 w from wall and if you flower with these lights you won’t be reaching your plants full potential. I’m so disappointed and I have 2 of them on 1 plant and she looks like she’s gonna get dried and ground up for edibles

What are your suggestions for better lighting? I read through some of your content and I’m fairly certain I will not be able to build a lamp unless I had very simple step by step instructions :grin: But I am willing to invest in more/better lamps I can purchase that just need to be set up. I wouldn’t want to spend more than $4-$500 since it’s just a small personal grow


Why are you using them for edibles can I ask? Any suggestions on a better lamp? I grew two WW under this same lamp not too long ago & the buds were a bit airy but rather large, I think haha. I just found some pics of them -



Those were grown with the same lamp, under 18/6 from start to finish and I only used the fox farm big bloom with that plant. No topping or training, they were my first plants :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice for a first grow. But as u yourself described Larfy buds which come from poor light intensity. U do not need to spend 500 to get good light for a small space. Go to hlg dot com and look at the 288 qb board. That would triple your lightening and create nice dense buds just ask @raustin. I believe she is loving hers


Yep, I’m loving mine and only cost $200.


Thank you :relaxed:

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Is it HLG . Com? It took me to a healthcare page

Weird. Google hlg led. It will b the first result

I found it thanks again, how do I use them do I need to add something to them?