Strawberry Kush virgin grow

I’m at day 24 from seed just topped plants



Is the tips lightening normal after a topping?

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I’m not sure, topping always causes stress,looks minimal though. I would just continue to watch closely unless it seems to get worse. Nice looking plants👍

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Thanks man yeah I’ve been watching hasn’t seemed to worsen.


So sad :frowning: had to trim two fan leaves but it was for the best they were touching the soil and getting no light.

those spots are just vermiculite this is the end result.

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Plants seem to be doing well after topping and trim

All looks good to me man :grinning:

Thanks man first time growing learning as I go using organic soil haven’t added any nutes will tomorrow on quarter strength

Day 23 from sprout


If anyone has a harbor freight near them they should check it out got the reflective tarp for 5 bucks and timer for 9


@Blountville hey when do you think I should flower

Um. Where are my car keys. I just was going to ask about them. Awesome

Yeah I love that store!


Gonna feed today 5ml of Medina hastagrow and 3 ml of budhha bloom in one gallon half for both plants with another half of plain water

does this stuff look to dark?

Oh well couldn’t wait hope the girls are okay they seem to be fine and liking it

I’m new to growing inside, but from my first try, and my research, I’d say, for 2 plants, go 4-6 weeks or longer of veg if you have the room. Peeps will start early, but often have several in a scrog, or clones, which are, regardless of size, much more mature plants. I would just monitor their progress, and change lighting based upon their growth. You need to expect an increase in height of 2-3x’s during flower, so available space is your best guide. But remember that the bigger the plant, the bigger the yeild, do you must weight the pros and con’s, and make a decision based upon your conditions, confidence, and expectations.

Sounds good I was going to do a month in veg so sounds about right I’m only on day 15 of veg might do 5 weeks thanks @Blountville