Blueberry Autoflower!

Hey guys, I have a question about autoflowers.

If an autoflower doesn’t grow much at all due to stresses, (in my case it was fungus gnats )
And the plant starts to flower, once the flowering is done on it, and I harvest whatever tiny flower is on it (probably get a bowl pack :joy: ), would the plant regenerate itself? Do autos actually regenerate like photos would?

In my opinion, I don’t think so because there isn’t much leaves on it.
But you experienced growers know more than I do.
Would it regrow more leaves and stems?
I’ll post a pic of my very disappointing autoflower that almost got eaten by gnat larva
Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s growing any more stems and leaves and focusing on that bud now.

Sorry to hear that.

I have heard claims of autos being re-vegged but seen no real evidence. Regardless, I think that plant would be too small even if it was a photo.


I saw one person on here (can’t remember who) that posted pix of an auto that revegged. But that’s one out of thousands……


Very interesting. So, you both are saying…
When they say you can get multiple harvests a season off an auto, that’s a lie then?
Or are you specifically saying this for my plant that was severely stunted in growth.

Like let’s say it’s a very healthy cannabis plant, you harvest it, all is good, will it just die or will it begin to regrow more stems and leaves and buds?
Very curious to what people say on this.

If an auto doesn’t re-veg, then how do you “get multiple harvests a season”

I don’t think they do from autos. Unless they plant more autos
Autos complete quicker than photos so depending on your environment you could get multiple runs in a season

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I’ve seen people reveg photos to get a clone mother but it takes a minute

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Who is saying that? You cant get more then one harvest in a season, from the same plant. Autoflowers are so fast you can get two grows outdoors in one season


Now that depends on how the statement is worded. You can get multiple auto harvests in one year but probably not the same plant. Last year I had 2 auto harvests from different plants, no lie!


@Adtr.bran , what makes you say it was fungus gnats? They usually come with overwatering, leaving the soil too moist on top for too long, which is the actual problem you may be dealing with.

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This is more for outside growing. You can keep planting them throughout the season without having to wait for them to flower when the sunlight hours go down. Not so much that you can harvest, reveg, then flower and harvest again with an individual plant. But that you can have multiple harvests over extended time from multiple plants.


Okay this makes a lot more sense. From what I was told in the past, you can have multiple harvests off one single plant in a season.

But this makes more sense as far as you can plant multiple autos and recieve multiple harvests in concession, and don’t have to wait for fall season for the plants to flower. Because the autos flower by age rather.
Am I on point now?

Sorry about the misunderstanding :slight_smile:

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I unfortunately had a fungus gnats issue already. I have a cherry tree, a couple tomato plants, and some herbs like rosemary, basil. I’m growing a mint plant too.
I’ve been seeing little gnats on the plants and I’ve been treating them, the population went down by a lot with the treatments.
But I saw a few gnats crawling around in the soil of my cannabis seedlings. I first thought it was the bag of soil, and while it may have been that, it also could’ve been from outside too. A pregnant gnat could’ve came in and laid her eggs in the cannabis soil.
But after i noticed the gnats, the plants became sicker and developed yellow leaves that just started to decay. And I don’t think it was an overwater issue.
I had only watered twice since planting.
So I’d say once a week. And I’d only spray it with water rather watering til run off on the bottom of the cup.

The plants seemed to love the water regimen I was doing.

I’m not sure honestly, but what I do know is after I saw the gnats crawling around, is when my plants started to die. And unfortunately, for autoflowers, that’s definitely not good if they stress out from that.
Especially if it’s a seedling

Nailed it! :hammer:

Don’t be. They use very loose language in selling us. Some sites (including this one) say “harvest in 10 weeks” or even “seed to harvest in 10 weeks”. Technically correct (possible) but more likely 10 weeks of flower time alone.


The pic I posted of the Blueberry auto, is one of the 3 that survived, and developed new growth up top, as you can see the bottom leaves were sick.

From what I’ve learned with fungus gnats with my other outside plants, is that the larva are your worst nightmare. Because once the fungus is eaten in the soil they eat your roots, and the side affects can lead to sick plants

I just started my cbd white widow auto, she’s doing great. This time I planted in clean Fox farms ocean forest.

Re. Gnats I’ve used diatomaceous earth and capt. Jacks dead bug with success.
Re. 2 harvests; I could see harvesting finished bud from the top of the plant and letting the bottom get more light to finish later by a week or two.


Unfortunately, that happens a lot. :roll_eyes:

Good move. :+1:
Sometimes it’s just a bad seed. This one stayed small but took 11 weeks to start flower. Eventually gave up a little over 1/2 oz.


You got it :green_heart:

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Have you tried mosquito bits to kill the gnats?


Been hearing a lot of good about that product, I’ll buy some !

Works even better if you make a tea out of it and drench the soil on the morning watering