Multiple harvest from autoflowers


I have heard of the potential to get mutiple harvests out of autoflowers, but i haven’t been able to find any guides on doing so?

what do i have to do to get mutiple harvests out of my outdoor WW autoflowers?

i figure that i might as well get the full potential of the plant.

pot size, nutrients, etc.



I’m watching for this answer as well :+1:

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Autos flower on their own time, so dont think youll be able to find a guide. Many growers grow autos along with their photos to have a perpetual harvest. Ive never grown autos so may be wrong.


I have not ever heard of this but if you want to try it just leave some leaves and a few small buds on the plant and throw her back on veg nutrients and see what happens I know this can be done to a photo and it takes a while but it will revert back to veg now an auto I’m under the impresin one and done but they also say don’t top autos or clone them and many here have done both with success


What they’re talking about is plant some early spring, mid summer and late summer


I haven’t heard of this either. I believe autos are a one and done plant as they are so easily stressed that even taking clones can be difficult. But maybe try what @Sirsmokes suggested and see what happens. Someone has to be the pioneer, right?


Could multiple harvest be a reference to multiple types of harvest. Buds for smoke and the rest for hash or edibles. I’ve googled and googled and I’m not seeing anything concrete about this. One said you could clone but nothing more :thinking:

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Could be I know I use all my popcorn and trim to make hash and edibles

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I believe HornHead’s got it right. Mulitple outdoor harvests during summer.


Sorry to tell you. No cloning, no revegging, no re flowering. What you probably read was harvest upper buds when ripe then harvest lower buds a week later when they ripen. “multiple” harvest.


sounds like i misread.

anyway thanks for the replies and feedback!! i am still wrapping my head around all of this :rofl:

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I think it could be theoretically when it is properly harvested and leaves enough leaves to allow it to live, to clean the roots and medium in a short time and start growing at the beginning of 24 hours then 18/6, I would choose something to promote growth, I had the flower I’ve harvested many times but not the car flower

Ding ding ding. You are correct sir. That is what they mean.

So if you’re grow outdoors and start when you get nights above 50°f then you can get 3 harvests by mid October if you’re in the right place. Indoors, I get 4-5 harvests a year. All my autos buds so far are all at about the same growth stage, so you would just be harvesting less potent buds with the way I grow @amosmoses

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