Hype about autoflowers

Just my thoughts/opinion. I’ve grown photos for 5 years. Love them even with all the hassles and time it takes to harvest. And, of course the bigger yield.

But i truly enjoy growing 4 different strains 3 times a year or so. Autoflowers give me the opportunity to sample and enjoy multiple strains and i usually get 2 to 4 ounces dry per plant.

I assume i will eventually filter down to a few strains that provide the different effects i want. If so i may go back to photos but for now I’m enjoying marijuana heaven


That’s my plan for next year, and probably every year thereafter, to grow autos outside so as to make it to harvest before weather gets crappy. But yeah like you said, photos are better


Photos seem like they arr more forgiving, you screw up and just wait for her to recover. Auto’s require a lil more attn they dont like it when they get roughed up as much.

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I like being able to have several plants in different growth stages under the same light schedule. Shooting for more or less perpetual harvest.


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I do the same. Shut down to go help my brother. Just now coming back together. 3 strains photo mothers. Auto mixed in. Takes a while. At 1 point i had a harvest a month or so. Giant photos with autos in all stages. Here is my rebuild starting. On its way. Be there in couple months. I am not sure but just from harvests ol @MeEasy is pretty perpetual.


Hey u can get more then 3-4 ounces from one autoflower i have gotten half pound from one autoflower and i got from two plants i got a pound with the combined weight


I just do full grows in each of my 3 tents. I might mix n match a little to help with canopy heights or more veg time but pretty much just chop n pop


Do you top them, LST, or just let them do there thing? Just wondering about to start my first autos.

I have topped them a couple of times but you have to do it early or you set the auto back. I do tucking or fan leaf removal depending on how bushy it is. I do use binder clips on the edges of the fabric pots and then tie lower buds out to the edge of the plant with soft twine.

I often also do partial harvesting of the big colas when they’re ready and the lower buds or not. So far ive found that slows the plant for a few days then those lower buds take off and get much bigger. Never had an airy bud on any of my autos so far


I lst train them and i fim my autos plus i lollipop them

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I like that idea of a partial harvest. Think I’ll try it out on my 3 that are getting close. About how long do they usually take before you do the final harvest?

Welcome Tara. The answer is it depends. The rest of the harvest is determined by 70 to 90% amber pistils and cloudy trichomes.

There are many experts on this site and ilgm has a download pdf picture file showing what your plant should look like at harvest.

In my experience the next harvest is within onevor two weeks but there are too many variables to provide an exact timeline. The ilgm harvest pictures are a great guide

Some people don’t like autos. Some love them. I’m in the latter category. I grow both, except autos go outside. I’m on my 5th or 6th strain of the summer. May have time to squeeze a couple more in. I kind of have a “throw and grow” attitude with them. No training or cropping or topping, just throw them in the bag and let them grow. The photos in the tent get the biz though.


I am the same man. I fim 1 time early then walk away mostly. The photos get the love.


I grow 5 autoflowers outside and 1 big photo I scrog inside. Works for me.