Blue Dream & Purple Haze indoor grow

I have an indoor grow set up I am confident with however I do have concerns with my first grow.

I soaked a seed of each in Aquafina reverse osmosis bottled water. Then once they sank I soaked the jffy pellet for 10 minutes and seeded them. It’s been 5 days and the pellets are still damp and I have them under my work room CFL light. 70 degrees about 35% humidity.

Should I be concerned that I have not seen anything sprout? I am a first time grower. Thank you for any guidance or advice :slight_smile:


How deep did you plant them in the pellets?

Sometimes it can take several days. Ideally you should have them a bit more warm and when you see the seed pop you’ll need to give it more humidity.

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Welcome to the forum!

1/4 inch in the pellet. lightly covered with pellet soil.

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What is the best way to add more humidity to the tent? And thank you for the advice and the welcome to the forum . I know I need to just be patient as well.

The pellets have stayed moist to the touch. I have moved them from the tent and LED light to my work room with a CFL light about 6 inches from the light. temp is 75, but I just can’t get the humidity higher.

Today is only day 5 since the seeds were inserted into the pellets.

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Many of us add small console humidifiers to our tents.

I use a seedling tray with a ventable high-dome places on a heating mat.

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What would you recommend (brand) in a 3 ft wide 2 foot deep 5.5 ft tall grow tent. Consistently stays 30% in our basement. I have good air flow and a good exhaust.

Update!!! Day 6 i have both my Purple Haze and Blue Dream seedlings sprout. I did order a small humidifier for my tent. Thank you all.

Keystone i ordered a seedling heating mat and essemtials based on your recomendation and others success.

I truly think I’m well on my way.

I have 1 last question for now. I have a 1200 watt LED Greengo 3 chip light. 3 high speed cooling fans. Tent never gets above 80 with fans going. I’ve heard i can put these seedlings right in my tent under the LED light from start to finish. The recomendations are from the LED manual is to keep the light at 40 inches during seedling stage and move to 32 inches once sprouted.

Should i keep them under 24 hr CFL low heat and at 6 inches, or throw in the tent and begin. I’d love to throw in the tent but I’m unsure of light height to start. The rest of my light heights i am comfortable with based on research with this light and grows with them. Again I’m a newbie :laughing:

Have a picture of plants? Either way will work. Big light higher is similar to keeping a small light close. So whatever you more comfortable with. Just watch how your plants respond either way. If your seedlings start to get tall and stretchy it’s too far away.

So one looks green and healthy. Other looks a bit brownish. I have moved them to the grow tent with fans blowing in fresh air. When should i start exhausting the tent by chance? Read a lot of different suggestions.

Light is set at 40 inches. 36 % humidity 77 degrees. Have small humidifier on way.

In general, if your humidity and temp is well-managed, then your airflow is good.

Temp is good, as is your light distance. Good thing you have a humidifier on the way.

I have a 10" fan on high blowing into my 5x5 through one of the tent’s ports, as well as a 6" carbon scrubber exhausting air out of it, and it keeps my temp, humidity, and CO2 levels just right. You may have to experiment a bit with the smaller tent size.

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Thank you! You all have been so kind. I appreciate it. I have my exhaust set up and when it runs 24/7 it keeps it at 77 in the tent. It’s a 6 inch and due to space i placed it outside the tent. I do get negative pressure on low and it’s adjustable. How often should it be run? Or should i just run 24/7. I thought about keeping it running 18 hours while light is on and then twice and hr for 20 minutes to exchange air. I’m ok with leaving it on 24/7.
IMG_20191201_174353_01|375x500 Humidifier is on the way yes!!! I have a vornadoe fan blowing air in and the leds have fans built in as well.

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You can use clear plastic cup or bottles with top cut off as domes, and mist the inside with water. That will keep rh that plants see up. You may need to move your light a little closer too. Just keep an eye on them like a stated earlier.


Thank you for all of your help so far!!! How often should i be swapping air or running my exhaust? Is it necessary yet? Again new so i am not sure. I have the capability to run 24/7 but that brings the tent temp down to 73ish. Now that i have moved the babies to the tent and light they seem to be responding. Will hopefully have pictures within the next 10 days.


Probably not critical right not to run all the time. But you’ll want it running constantly when lights are on once they’re bigger. And probably at least often when the lights are off.


Just picked up these domes off amazon. Great buy. 3 for 27 bucks I believe was the price.


giphy (1)

Day 7 and looking good. Does the Blue Dream look like it’s stretching? I lowered the light in the tent a little more. Spraying water inside does increase humidity for a short time. But humidifier gets here tomorrow.

Any suggestions on if i need to do something different show pictured. Maybe i am over thinking it :laughing:

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