1st time grower and new to the forum but happy to be here

I’m currently growing blue’s dream it just sprouted iand I was wondering if 38% to 45% humidity is OK or do I need to raise it. A lot of information I’ve seen says it should be higher especially for seedlings

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Welcome. Lots of shared knowledge available.
Seedlings don’t like to swim in water. What are you using for growth medium or Soil type?
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As @DEEPDIVERDAVE said seedlings don’t like to swim in water but they do like high humidity you can use a humidity dome such as a clear plastic solo cup or a cut off water bottle mist the inside with a spray bottle


Thanks for your responses I will fill out the support ticket as soon as I can

Welcome to the neighborhood. Seedlings do like a little higher humidity. You can put a dome over them and mist the dome with water. You can either use a cut off water bottle or a clear solo cup. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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I had plastic bags on there until they sprouted because some of the information I was reading was saying take them off as soon as they sprout but I’ve come to see that there’s a lot of conflicting information out there

Plastic bags will work to you may need the invest in a humidifier cool mist humidifiers can be purchased on Amazon for 25 to 50 bucks

Welcome to the forum! Lots of GOOD info here!

Methods and techniques often differ based upon user. NYC to LA has many routes available and how you travel differs for everybody. Time, money, grow room and temps are all different. Grow your grow.
I have my clones under a plastic dome, elevated on the seedling mat.

Multiple methods available, often become personal preferences

.I experiment using volunteers.

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What strain: Blue Dream

Vessel: starting in solo cups and transplating to 3 gallon Fabric pots

PH of Water: 6.0

PPM/TDS or EC:NA(wiil post asap)

Light system: VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light,

Temps; Day: 77F-82$ Night: 70F-75F

Humidity, Day:40%-42% Night:38%-40%

Ventilation system; Yes, 4 inches

AC:yes, Humidifier:Yes, De-humidifier: no, Co2: no

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@Shawnb86 Welcome to the grow family my friend happy growing

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