Blue Dream 1st week in flower

blue dream first week into flower. how do they look? it seems to me it might have a early stage of cal-mag issue on the middle plant? … in soil 50/50 blend of ffof and ffhp . have not added nutrients until flip about 3 days ago (fox farm trio) . feeding water is been ph at 6.5 to 6.7 for feedings!


Yea the blue dreamatic auto I grew took in more cal mag then expected(especially mag) otherwise they look great for pre stretch I bet they’ll just about double in size


@GreenSnek I’m hoping for the stretch. I did a lst on the plants. Feminine seeds On this one.

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Looks great. A watering with some cal mag maybe 5ml pet gal might get u green again. Or if u have it around grab some recharge and hit them with a watering of recharge. That stuff is the BOMB diggity

Hi @jack181 I think they look good maybe a little hungry but should be fine now that you fed them. I used ff trio for a couple years and seemed like my plants liked the ph a little lower like 6.3 until about halfway through flower then like 6.6 of course plants are different some more touchy than others. I would recommend using some grow big until they finish the stretch they need the N but of course start to feed some tiger bloom to. I’m sure you have the ff schedule but if not here it is. Week 8 is the start of flower just the 3 green lines are the trio

I have 3 blue dream going now myself I’ve grown a couple before but has been awhile. I don’t remember them being so sensitive to light but the ones I have now didn’t want light i couldn’t go above 75% without the leaves tacoing. They’re fine now in flower. Did yours do ok with light?

Here’s my 3 1st is at defoliation before switch to flower on 1/11, 2nd is yesterday. They stretched pretty good so be ready.
Good luck with them… please post some updates id like to watch them finish… I’m hoping for some color in the buds :yum: