Any idea what is going on with plant

Hey everyone, Any idea what is going on with my plant. It is a big bud xxl. Growing in FFOF. Temp is 80 humidity 60%. Flipped them 3 weeks ago. Fed them earlier this week with FF Trio. Just the two for flowering. Half dose. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PPM coming out is 917. PH water to 6.8

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She looks nitrogen deficient possible Mag also


I had the same problem following ff feeding schedule some plants didn’t like stopping the grow big so soon. So I continued to give em grow big at half dose until the leaves started getting darker then I could stop it. I say leaves get darker meaning the developing ones the old leaves won’t repair themselves. In future grows just continue the grow big as long as the fan leaves are not over dark or clawing. I actually still have the ff schedule, if you need it here you go

Forgot something… it could be a ph issue in the soil. If you are not watering to at least a 20% runoff you will get a salt build up. If you notice in the ff schedule they do a flush on a regular basis

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Thank you

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