1st grow... Blue Dream

It’s grow, I got Myself some Blue Dream seeds from ILGM and started in soil. I knew very little when starting and only got one plant to grow successfully.

I have been scouring this site and have learned that my little grow room is quite inadequate. I have everything needed in my grow room except space. I need more room so like many others before me, I need to start over and designs md build a new room.

Fortunately I have one of those creepy old basements that no one goes to so I have already scoped out an area to build. Should be able to get a decent 10 x 10 area.

I topped this plant quite a bit and threw in a scrog which has really helped.

I didn’t journal as I was just kind of winging it this first go round.

I’m into the 8th week or 12/12 flowering and she appears to be doing quite well.

Buds are forming nicely and she is starting to frost up nicely.

Is there a template for the journals folks use on here?

Also, the trichome going from clear to cloudy, is this change obvious? I’m using a 10x magnifier and I’m not sure I will be able to tell when they start changing over … dunno, maybe it will be obvious when they turn?


Nice looking plant.

Be sure to look at trichomes on flower rather than on the leaves. The trichs on the leaves will mature faster than those on flower.


Looking good! No specific template for journals. Some are numbers focused. Others a lot of pictures. Some update daily some weekly. Whatever you’re feeling.

I look at my trichs under 60x. Don’t think ten will do.

It’s gonna cost a pretty penny to light a 10x10

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Plant looks good: 3 weeks or so maybe. @MidwestGuy is a mad grower so well worth listening to.

My wife and I built a custom home in Colorado and moved in last September: my grow space is carved out of the utility room in the basement and so far I’m digging it. When you do go to build, look at 1" metallized Styrofoam panels. They work great.

4 X 8 with room for outside of the grow space for totes and reservoirs etc. This was back in November.

And here’s one as of last week:


That is a great tip! Thanks!

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I’m looking at the 2” foam skinned in foil for walls and the ceiling.

My current little grow room is a little under 4K’ x almost 6’ but due to the location, I put the door on the end, shoulda put it on the wide side. Oh well, live and learn. I will use this smaller room for starters or something.

That is a beautiful plant!!!

Funny/Scary story: three weeks ago my wife and I were woken up by the sound of smoke alarms.

We keep our bedroom door closed due to having a couple younger dogs who like to wander the house if left to their own vices.

Opened the door and the hallway was full of smoke, dark, black smoke. Sent my wife downstairs with the dogs as there didn’t appear to be smoke at the bottom of the stairs.

I was about to take a deep breath and head down the hall low and fast to get to my 16 year old daughters room when she appeared scorching along the floor feeling the wall as she went, so proud of her, she also had her kitten in her hands.

Got everyone downstairs and started to evaluate as my wife called 911. No smoke main floor, ran to the basement (grow room!) I was thinking the worst but there were no problems in the grow room, no smoke in the basement.

To run a long story into a shorter story, our spare room had an electric pad to heat up the bed. It wasn’t turned on but it appears the cord got pinched, possible when the bed was pulled out and pushed during vacuuming.

So Now I have a ton of workers coming and going… I’m gonna escort anyone who needs to go into the basement for the next few weeks till I can harvest.

Fortunately for the next few weeks, the workers are mainly on the second floor gutting.

Sheesh… scared the hell out of me. I was ready to yank my plant but it didn’t come to that thankfully.


WOW! @OB1, so glad to hear everyone is ok and dang… kudos to you 16yo, firefighter in training daughter! and to you (kids don’t learn unless they are in the environment, nice job dad).

I was a volunteer firefighter for over 25 years and unfortunately got to see both sides of it. Long before smoke detectors i woke one night to my mom yelling for everyone to wake up. fortunately she smelled something just in time. it was minor but given another 10 minutes could have been devastating.

nothing as unsettling as waking up like that in the middle of the night with your wits half about you.

Again, so glad to hear everything is good and GREAT news on not having to pull the plug on the girl(s).

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