Ph and ppm readings

Blue Dream - 3 plants 4 weeks in veg. Use a 50/50 blend of ffhp and ffof soil. Have not added any nutrients yet only a Lil cal mag last feeding. Ph of my water at feeding is 6.7 and ppm is 115.

Readings from run of is

Plant 1
Ph. 5.97
Ppm 1121

Plant 2
Ph. 6.01
Ppm 1082

Plant 3
Ph. 5.94
Ppm 1278

Is this good numbers? I will be using ff trio nutrients when time. I want to switch the plants to flower stage next week… I plan on flushing before switch . Then once switch to flower use the ff nutrients feeding Schedule.

Looks about normal for fox farms soils. I wouldn’t flush since you haven’t added any salts yet


I’d have to agree @BobbyDigital gotcha covered those are about average for ff. I’d wait to flush


I use fox farm everything and yes those look good. I just harvested 3 plants. Not bad for my very first grow.


@BobbyDigital do you have any feed back on this? og kush same soil 50/50 ffof and ffhp . using ff trio but only half strength … there into flower 10th week. … 4x4 tent with 2 [KUAREZ 2000 lights. but switched them out with 2 spyder farmer 2000 about a week ago… did ph and ppm runoff reading on one plant (one with burned leaves ) ph: 6.4 ppm: 789… i been fighting this about 2 weeks into flower! i know something is up but can pin point it?

Underfed. You should have been at full strength for some time now. 789 ppm is the input or runoff?

It’s the run off

Yeah she’s very light on food

Should I ramp up the nutrients feeding.?

Also on the other post my meter reading
Ec 384
Ppm 192.
In tap water… is the a 700 or 500 scale?

That’s 500 scale. What’s usually your ppm going in?

Not sure. I just started using it. I can make a batch tonight and post back

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@BobbyDigital so I made up a batch same I used on the last picture. Ff trio. Used wk 10 mix 3 tsp big bloom and 2 tsp tiger bloom

Ph 6.5
Ec 1370
Ppm 685

Are you shaking the bottles really well before using?

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i sure am!

That’s odd. I still have some fox farms so I’ll mix up some week 10 tonight and see what mine comes out to. One thing you’ll want if you continue with fox farms is plain Epsom salts. Fox farms nutes are pretty low with their magnesium supplement. Mixing up some epsom salt in your water on water only days will take care of that.


Care if I join in with u on that? I still have a good bit of ff kinda curious as to readings


Well that’s about right. Guess it threw me off because I also used the dry nutes with the trio. So big bloom (3tsp) added about 100ppm and tiger bloom (2tsp) added 500ppm. So it came out to 880ppm - my tap ppm (280) = 600 ppm. Just continue with full dose feeding. The next week you’ll be adding in grow big so that’ll up your ppm.


Thank you for Verifying that. I was almost getting ready to send back my nutrients. :laughing:

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I’m close to the same ppm but PH is 5.1

Tap ph was 6.8

I didn’t check the ph. But that’s about right if I recall correctly. The tiger bloom is very acidic.

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