Black widow grow

starting too bloom nicely


Running bout 82’f 54%humidity

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Sounds about right. If you can… check the humidity right before lights on. Humidity spikes at night. Temp is decent. Could be lower but nothing terrible. And the ladies look good. I love this ‘crowning’ stage


Thanks bud I do that

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I would support that comment ^^

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Black widow is a really good strain that was what I grew my last round. If you’ve never had you will be very happy! Your in good hands with @PurpNGold74 :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Thanks Dman these are my clones from last run

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Uploading: 20190630_115602.jpg… thanks guys have a awesome Sunday


87.6 degrees 45%humidity. They were pushing 90 this morning when I was gone… hopefully there ok…

That is creeping a bit high… but they are resilient plants. Try to keep a handle on environment a bit more as flower progresses. Id be tryna drop 5-10 more degrees if possible

Thanks a bunch purp, I noticed the tops turned orange overnight did they get too hot? Moved the light up today … the 4 are going to be monsters

what I was referring too .

Should take pics in normal lighting. Helps a ton when checking colors. But you mean the pistils? Yea kinda early for them to be ambering up. I believe its the temps/lights made it a bit dry… try to creep that temp down. N how far are they hanging now?

Yea id say that’s environmental. What week of flower are you in? Listils shouldnt go that far til 8-9+

Might have given too much fertilizer fed lastnight will they comeback

Yea they’d grow on bro. Wont be as pretty throughout the grow but those pistils orange n recede later. And doesnt look like a burn of nutrient related probs. More environmental. I know because i let on sit outside on a hot day and fried her pistils. She still grew fine (til bugs got her bushy ass)

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July 1st started flower

Youll be fine my guy

The autos all came up this morning… BW is fine think it was the temp running with fan all times now