Black widow female

Aug 5 my black widow fem broke ground an today I jus got so excited seeing my plant it’s bin over 3 weeks since I got to see ney other ladies an man my purple Haze had 8 colas an last I heard they threw out everything I had my hydrolyzed fish, 5lbs dolomite lime, brand new bag bud an blossom my biolive my coast of Maine veg food my organics pure organics.

So much money jus thrown out… Starting from scratch on that note literally have only A bag of oceans forest , half bag of happy frog, like 2 lbs worm castings an lil empsom salt… An some vermiculite so new round … Black widow fem with oceans forest happy frog mixed with some vermiculite Epsom salt an worm poop…

That sounds………… I don’t know how that sounds. :joy::joy::joy:


So I got black widow running on 6hrs on 2 hrs off 6hrs on 2 off so it’s 18-6 lighting I have to keep it cool the light is so close to top of tent an the mars hydro runs hott… I have her in Schultz potting soil plus but I’m thinking of jus taking chance n transplanting her tonight into permanent home happy n oceans I’m sure she will take well to new home

So I got better fan outside blowing in n using the 2 small ones as exhaust inside the tent…n put her on 18 hrs of light I didn’t think she was getting enough by 6on 2 off also I realized after it’s more for flowering plants… @Underthestairs @SilvaBack203 @yoshi @MeEasy @dbrn32


I’ve never played with any of the alternative lighting schedules. Have a picture of your fan setup?

You can’t flower photos on 6/2 schedule. Everyone i know thst uses this is strictly for veg.

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I only run 6/2 on my autos now unless I have em in with some photos where I have to do 12/12


@MeEasy hey brother I about to order earth dust but wanted to ask … but I already started my run they only days old n still sprouting but u think earth dust will work as a top feed ??? Not the flower the base

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It will work . What soil are you using and is it new?

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I have oceans forest but I feel it’ll b to heavy of an amended soil so I was going to order roots organic Thursday . But I wanted to ask you what you think is a good soil to use cause I know u don’t wanna use a soil filled with nutes or do ya???

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You can use the ocean forest just pot it up with 1 tbs of earth dust base per gallon of soil and allow it to cook for 2-4 weeks that will allow it to balance out and calm down a little. Just start your seeds in like a solo with some calm soil till the leaves reach out just over the edge of the cup, by then it will be old enough the ocean forest won’t bother it.

You can always dig out the middle of the soil in your pot and put some regular organic in that small hole to start the seedlings in

Cook is simply putting the soil in the pot you are going to use and keep it moist not soup and not dry. This is the most important thing of growing in living soil, soup will kill the plant and dry will kill the soil microbes.

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Here is what TGSC has on their website

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@MeEasy hey brother good choice on seed . So I’m curious with earth dust base can u still use the normal things like fish shit molasses recharge etc n for flower can u use boosters like incredible bulk or flower fuel or big bud I’m only asking cause I’m lil skeptical on trying new stuff jus like anyone but organic weed is so much better… When I made my own soil my black widow n purple Haze we’re top shelf… I know I gotta jus try it n see what happens but I’m jus trying to get someone perspective on it or w.e the word is jm looking for… Btw thank you for the above info an yea I bin reading up on earth dust I can’t wait till it gets here n I can use it I also got a super lemon haze auto germinating so hopefully by time earth dust arrives my seed should b in solo cup an waiting to transplant n my revolver seed jus idk didn’t make it so I got some soil I can put the ed base in n let sit for 2-4 wks while seedling in solo

Hey brother have u or has anyone ever bought soil off of eBay my girl gets things n no problems but saw this stuff n knows I like organics so she got me this mankind super soil ??? Anyone hear of it or kno if it’s good as it looks I haven’t gotten I yet but it’s on its way @Hellraiser @Mark0427 @MeEasy @dbrn32 @SilvaBack203 @Underthestairs


I love eBay. Just never used for dirt :metal:

Best deal I always get is at my local hydro shop and I’m a shop local kinda guy


Yea growing ain’t legal round me lol… it truly sucks… I found jacks321 nute I’m going give that a try an I wanna get recharge again it sucks have to start all over again but at least I know some things that will benefit a grow an the things I can kinda do without… …


If ur gonna do jacks try and find canna coco or gorilla boost super buffered coco. Both really good and jacks works great with coco. Once they get a bit bigger they will require a daily watering maybe every 2 days til flower then daily for sure but u will love the growth rate and how the plants taste and smell thru the room is different and all. No dirt smell it’s great. I’ll never go back

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Well idk about it but here is what’s in it from sellers description.