Black bugs in the soil

When I took the 2 liter bottle off the plant a bunch of black bugs started to come out .they were very small like a fruit fly size but did not fly.what can I do

I use mosquito bits for the soil. Sprinkle a handful and work it in the top inch or so, just before watering/feed. You can also put a bunch in a pitcher of distilled water and mix, then strain the bits outs. I apply them every three weeks or so.

For the plant, Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice concentrate, mixed at 1.5x strength. Spray daily just before lights out for 3-5 days. Then every other/few days to maintain. It’s more of a direct kill, not a long term preventative.


Your girl is about ready to lose the dome. You can probably start giving about 2 oz water, every 2-3 days, in a circle right where the dome left an imprint.

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I use the dome only because it is in the window and it kept it from streatching old windows with no uv .this is the furthest I ever had one live so far

I leave the domes on till the leaves are touching the side As the seedling gets water and what not through the leaves. Once the roots establish, then it switches to the roots.

Only pests I get is flies as it’s extremely dry here so the flies are seeking a water supply. So I have a Repel Fly catcher in the tent. Works like a charm.

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Gnats more than likely …

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@Tim157 did i read that right…? You having trouble keeping them alive…?

I was thinking gnats as well.

This is fine for seedlings for a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, but will not be sufficient enough light to flower a plant. If your plant is indoors and staying, an adequate LED of around 150-200 true, from the wall watts is recommended for indoor plants.

I just started only messed up on 2 others at the same time before.

?? Messed up on 2

Yeah like a month before I started this one I killed them with baking soda water trying to raise ph ,but this one I let it be

Fungus gnats the evil Little devil of the plant world lol but I’ve been using the hydrogen peroxide method for about about a week now and blow a fan right on top of the soil a few feet back but enough to to let the top dry also reduce the use of any humidifier and watch how ur water overwatering can be a big cause

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Today when I looked at it ,it was laying down now I’m worried all I did was put a knat trap next to the pot with vinegar,sugar and dish soap none touching the dirt


Have a picture?