Best and easiest fertilizer for indoor

I’d like to find a fertilizer (either solid or liquid) that is user friendly and one I don’t have to worry about giving my plants too much too fast. I’m using Promix organic soil, but I’m assuming I need to feed them throughout their growth and especially when budding.

Thank you as always for the help.


I use FFOF and additives.
Jacks 321, what a mess I can make.
Using a product that forum friends are familiar with, good plan.
like @MidwestGuy says

I suggest Jacks 321. It’s cheap, easy to use, and isn’t too heavy on mineral salts like some of the other nute products are.


What he said ,midwestguy

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Any cannabis designed nutrients will work well if used correctly. All will give you problems if you do not! Myself, also fan of jacks. Ive had good success with the fox farms line up as well but it is more work, money and time.

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Dr Earth’s is a good cheap base that works for me.

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Thanks all. I think I will go with the Jacks 321. There are just soooo many different types, people mixing all kinds of things together to make their own soil, etc., etc. I just want to fertilize my plants. Rather stay out of the scientific creations if possible. I mean manure seems to have been good enough for centuries.


Do people fertilize every time they water their plants? How do you know if you’re giving plants enough or not?

I use the ProMix, either the HP or the BX depending what they have in stock. I also put 3" of larger lava rocks in the bottom of my pots, drainage has improved greatly since I’ve started doing that.
I use Advanced Nutrients but would switch to Jack’s if I could find it cheap enough up here in Canada, lots of folks have great success with it and it is easy and cheap (at least in the States!).

Buy a test meter for test pH and also TDS/ec. PH testing and giving them water/food at the right pH allows proper nutrient uptake, and tds (total dissolved solids) let you know how much you are feeding them. When you test the runoff, you can also see what’s coming out of the medium, and figure out from there what they are eating. Then determine if you need to feed more or less to them. Too little, they be hungry and grow slow, too much and they can get nute lockout as salts can build up.

Happy Growing!


Based on target PPM of solution and modified by runoff numbers

Do you feed every time?
With Jack’s generally yes. However, runoff should be sampled (PH & PPM) to determined whether to feed or not.

Vote for jacks, i made it thru our first ever grow with no messups.

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That’s awesome guys. Really appreciate the help.

Welcome to the happy zone by the way.

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For what its worth Ive always been told that is not good to do. When water runs down through soil, it hits that different media and starts to move laterally creating a wet/hypoxic area above that layer, which is (in your case 3") closer to the base of plant. As compared to a wet/hypoxic area at the bottom of the pot as far from the plant as possible.

Just food for thought, something ive read and figured id share.
With that said id also like to add one of the wonderful things about gardening is the plethora of styles and techniques that are used.

Someone can say thats not how you do it but it is how you do it and it works for you. I love that, its amazing


Thanks @Glitch didn’t know that but it sounds reasonable. But I never water to runoff, so…doesn’t affect me!

I started doing it last year when I was trying to come up with a self-watering system for guerilla grows out in the woods. Put 3" lava rocks in bottom of fabric pot, fill with ProMix mixed with GrowDots (I didn’t do this part, only the proof-of-concept part), and had 5 foot-long 1/4" wicking-rope going from the rocks up to the pot. Then I floated it in 3" of water. Idea was to simulate the bag floating on a pallet in a slough or in a pond out in the backwoods, Think about it…in a pond, no deer to eat it or other animals! The concept worked, as long as my “pond” was full the plants stayed watered and healthy. Health issues prevented me from actually getting out there last year, maybe this year!

Below is my “model” in my backyard.

And after I harvest my plants, I check the roots. Haven’t seen any issues with the rootballs on the plants with lava rocks at the bottom.

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My vote is Jacks

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Thats a great idea. I hope your health improves and you are able to get out there!!!

All healed! Colonoscopy gone bad and they blew me up! 12 weeks recovery, couldn’t lift much or exert myself much. But that was end of March. This year, just regular aches and pains!

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I love this during flower, just top every week to 14 days and water