Bert5 n iLL5 grow adventure, first indoor anything

I noticed some small gnats on the sticky traps. All adults seem to be dead. Added mosquito bits to top of soil with today’s water. Hoping to kill em all completely now :skull_and_crossbones:

they look great. I think they are far enough along you should not need to cover them.

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Day 16 of sprout or I believe I am 2 days into veg.
My temp and humidity are consistent. Light is 36" above at about 30-35%still. I will be looking and reading info about light power and height. My little LSD plant will not grow. Should I abandon or let ride out? The others seem to be doing well with maybe a little concern about the looks of a few leaves.

Banana Blaze

LSD - I lost one in early sprout and this runt

Glueberry OG

I continue with little watering every other day. I am going to start measuring the amount I give instead of just winging it. :thinking:
A few small gnats on traps. I’ll keep up with the mosquito bits and DE.
Back to smoking n reading.
Happy Friday :dash::dash::dash:

For some reason runts often have something unique about them in the end.


Steve Roger → Captain America

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Continuing the discussion from HLG 650R question:

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Day 5 of veg
These babies surprise me daily. The amount of growth in just a day amazes me. Still letting them drink every other day. I’m noticing more gnats on my traps but they are still small gnats. My next dusting of mosquito bits I will crush it into powder instead of leaving it as small chunks. I will also add another dusting of DE after.

Banana Blaze

LSD- the runt still plugging along…

Glueberry OG- these babies keep showing great growth

I have zero experience growing anything. I spent a little $ with a buddy to hopefully be able to smoke my own weed. We chose autoflowers and to use earth dust dry amendments instead of buying chemicals and mixing. I guess we are really trying to go the easy n lazy route at first to figure some shit out but dammit man! I hope these plants keep growing and stay healthy for almost doing nothing. I originally wanted to LST but since we don’t know shit yet, we decided against. I am now considering doing one plant. Any thoughts? Too early? Tomorrow I will be adjusting pots so they are all same distance from light.

Smoke n grow!

It is the best way to learn. In looking at the first photo, I think the two on the far right (group of 6) and or the the one in front on the right, are all good candidates for LST. They are tall enough, have enough nodes and a little more inter node spacing. By LST, I assume you are talking about bending the main stem over and securing it down. You will also want to tie down side branches to spread them out. You may need to move them a bit so when they grow they avoid the main stem.
It is a good opportunity to learn the technique but more importantly, see how they react to the manipulation. They are also the right size and age to either top or fim.
This is a little white widow auto

I was undecided what to do with her about topping and LST so I got started a week later than I should have. She was already showing signs of flowering.

Simple bend and tie down

And five day later

On day 87, a week or so before harvest

I used Rapid Clip soft ties. They are nice to use with plastic pots. You can secure them to the sides by simply bending them over the rim.


I really appreciate the input and pictures. You are correct by me wanting to bend the branches. I already bought the tie downs and stuff from my local supply house. I do believe I will give it a shot. You are absolutely right, what better way to learn. Thank you!

They grow really fast once they get their feet under them so the time is now. Especially if you are thinking of topping for fimming.

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Day 9 of veg
We are starting to give more water to the plants and also now keeping track of how much we are giving. Starting with half gallon per plant. Seems to be just about right. I feel any more and it will start to run out. With the earth dust dry nutes, was instructed to not water til run off. Less water more often. Time will tell. We attempted to LST a Glueberry OG nd FIM a Banana Blaze. Pics will show our attempt. Please note, we were stoned n drinking :crazy_face:

We also raised the smaller plants so all tops are even and raised light some. Light is now 40" above canopy and I turned up the power a little. Should be around 50-60%



Glueberry OG 1

Glueberry OG 2

Glueberry OG 3

Banana Blaze 1

Banana Blaze 2

Banana Blaze 3

The plant chosen for LST is Glueberry OG3.
The above pics were taken before any work done.

Looks kinda crazy to me. I’m open to any opinions or suggestions

Banana Blaze was chosen for FIM. Have no idea if we cut in correct spot or not but we tried.

Some newbie shit I believe I learned.
Mosquito bits work great but don’t try smashing them to powder. Them some tough sob’s
The LST ties I bought was waaaaaay to big n heavy. Purchased thin plastic coated bag ties now.
Don’t use carbon filter til needed. I was wasting life by using during seed n veg.
This can be very addicting. So much info and different ways n styles to learn. Wife is already bitching I’m spending too much time reading n playing. Guess ill be needing a new ol lady :rofl:
I thought I was fully prepared but realized I really wasn’t. Could have done a little more research but sure is fun jumping head first.

Time to :fire: up!

I’m not sure where the rapid clip tie goes, but, may I make this suggestion

First anchor the stem to the pot opposite the direction the stem is tied.
Tie the wire used to bend the stem to the rim of the pot.
I don’t use plastic pots any longer but when I did, I would often drill holes to thread the wire through.

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I was just about to post pics and tag you. Once I looked at it again today, this is what I did. It’s a little hard to see the smaller wire but I think it’s very similar to what you drew. Thank you for the help and input.


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see it - you got it covered

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Day 14-15 veg
Girls are growing good I think. Still dealing with minor gnat issue. Ive been slacking on the DE. Will get to it because I will be adding my earth dust dry nutes boost to the soil this weekend. I’ve only removed a couple leaves from the bottom of plants that were touching soil. I think that’s what supposed to be done. I’m still watering every 3rd day with about half gallon per plan. I’m barely getting any runoff if not at all. The runt LSD is looking good. @beardless you were right, always something special about the runts. Come to find out it’s my fav. Not sure how the Banana Blaze FIM is doing. Looks okay. The Glueberry OG LST seems to be going pretty good. I keep adjusting the ties daily. I believe I’m not too far from flower on a few. My concern and question is…with theses autos, do I wait until all are in flower before I go 12/12 with light or do I pick a happy medium and go with that?
Thanks for looking and any input is appreciated.
Happy growing and smoke on!

LSD runt :grin:

LSD, she’s rather bushy n thick

Banana Blaze, this one growing sideways. I move and rotate it regularly. No change in direction.

Banana Blaze, FIM

Banana Blaze

Glueberry OG, LST, I’m trying :man_shrugging:t2:

Glueberry OG

Glueberry OG

The family portrait

I’m starting to lower my humidity as Im getting closer to flower. Temps n humidity stay consistent day n nite.

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Did you drill holes in the pots? Works slick…
The Glueberry OG w/ LST is already turning her head up.
Are you going to tie down the side branches too?

Exactly. Drilling holes works great. I planned on side branches tomorrow. Wanted to see what they did tonight. Im regretting not doing a couple others.

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@beardless thanks for info and following this. Much appreciated