Bergmans Feeding schedule questions

I wanted to know exactly how to introduce Bergmans to 5 different plants, as it does say that you can use for up to 5 plants.

I got the Root, bug, and mold nutrients to. This one I would like to know when to add, and how to split between the 5 plants.

I’m just wanting to know when I give them nutrients for 1st week and 2nd week for now. Do I feed in 1 sitting or throughout the week with misting the soil?

If someone can help me out with Bergens nutrients & how to split up for each plant.

I’m just wanting to use ILGM’s nutrients for my first grow!!

Lets start out with what media you’re growing in?

Once it’s established that your plants are ready to be fed, each pot should be pretty well soaked and have some runoff. Then allow to dry out. How much this takes will depend on how large your pots are. From there you may want to rotate feedings with ph’d watering if using soil.

The mixture ratios are a baseline, and your plants may require more or less. You have to watch them and determine if any changes are needed.


Using FFoF for medium, and started in peet pellets which I found is not the best & frowned upon. But this is what I’m starting with.

So assumption here is that I will need to flush plant till run off, let it dry, then mix up 1 package of food for all 5 plants?

So after reading some other posts I found that I should mix with 1 liter & share between the plants after a water feeding between 6.2 & 7ph.

1 bag should be 2 feedings, then move on to the veg I would assume.

FFOF soil will last 4-6 weeks without needing to add any nutrients. When ppm’s drop to 1,000 or less, then you can start feeding. Water only is fine until. When mixing nutrients, it’s best to mix in whole gallons at a time if that is what the chart measures daily/weekly feedings in. This will help keep you closer to your target ppm’s.

Edit… Just saw Berman’s schedule has per liter as well as per gallon. With proper watering routine, you won’t need to measure in liters, when feeding time comes.

Just give pH’ed water the first few weeks (6.2-.8, if your source water needs it. Distilled and RO don’t need pH’ing). Wet/dry is what they prefer. You can use a humidity dome the first few days. Then from there, water in a ring a couple inches from the stem, and adjusting for growth from there.


thanks for info for sure!


Like Borderryan said, ffof is going to feed plants for month or so. Just run wet/dry cycles with ph’d water until you see runoff ppm drop low enough.

Once your soil is depleted see where you are in grow and mix nutrients accordingly.