Bergman Nutes + The White OG grow

Well time has come and passed since I had grown anything but here we go …

The White OG Fem at day 25 from seed in as organic soil as i cud find localy, using Bergman 4 pack nutes.


Looks like your soil could use some more perlite


It is there, just a little top dressing when I transplanted, about 1 inch under as I mixed 35% perlite to my bucket before transplanting.


Seems like your on your way nice and healthy looking the white seemed like a bad ass strain


I am using a MAXSISUN 450 watt control timer light at 40% Veg out of 100, 18/6, on/off, i have never used this light for veg stage so this is as, they say a learning lesson for myself.

I up the light ever feed by 2 to 4% , slow incrumentes to allow for acculmation so no light burn. Nutes every 3 days , water in between, at a ratio of Bergmans 4 piece nutes at 1/5 scale as I have 1 plant, working well so far.

At day 6 of seedling light was set to 36 inches above top of plant, been there since, will be lowering it as it gets into 3 week of veg, its in week 1and 1/2 now.

Crant them lights up and raise the lights up and lower them instead of increasing intensity unless your trying money and if your new to growing Nd trying to save money your going to be disappointed as you get better and more efficient comes the money savings until then u spend good money after bad until you get it down then figure how to source optimal for cheaper sorry to say but it’s a quite expensive hobby until you get it down pat


Well here is true light images of the 36 day old girl. Full veg on light at 100% at 19 inches from the newest growth

EDIT: Forgot to add temps at 79 degrees with 54% humidity

What would you do at this point to make her have better grow conditions?

Well here is a quick update to the OG and Bergman nutes grow

I added 2 600 wat LED lights along with the 450 watt Led

Flower time on 12/12 started on Oct 10, and signs of female on Oct 19

7 days into flower

Here is a update on the 2 gurls, bout 28 days left

The White OG on left, Karribean Mango on right

White OG


I am thinking about spending about a 1000.00 on new supplies, any suggestions?

Nothing to read about here move along

Well time has came and gone. I have to say the White OG is good for yield , got over 4 onces off a 34 inch plant, the Mango which was dormat for 83 days gave me 2 and a half onces, 2 plants no taller than 3 foot, im good untill next cut.