Do I need to Switch Nutes? First time grower, need input and guidance

Hi all. Im almost into week 6. The ladies look they are preflowering or flowering. Im using ILGM’s Begmans Nutrients. According to Bergman’s instructions, i shoud still be using the Vegatative nutes for one more week. My question is, should i switch to the flowering nutes?
Facts of the grow:
White Widow Autoflower-ILGM
Started in Jiffy Pellets then transplanted into 5 Gallon Smart Pots after hardening off.
Grow medium is a combo of FF HF and FF OF with Mykos in the rootball holes.
Watering everyday, Feeding 1x a week Bergmans Nutrients
Sprouted on 5/17, currently at 6 weeks.
The following are pics from today.
Heres some pics:


Yes 5mls of bloom nutrients to start would be perfect they ready to feed .