Beginner First Grow of Candy Kush Auto/Fem Seeds

Hi, Am planning first grow of Candy Kush Auto/Fem seeds. Am planning on a overnight distilled water soak of the seeds and then transferring to Jiffy peat plugs and then transferring to soil after roots show on the Jiffy peat moss plugs. Any thoughts on this? I have read that other’s have had problems with Jiffy peat moss plugs.

I personally haven’t used the plugs. Just soaked for 24 hours (some transfer to a damp paper towel another 12 hours or so ) then straight into soil in a solo cup. Had a good success rate this year.


I suggest the same buried about a quarter inch just covered up

Then again though. The solo cups were for photos. A lot recommend to pot autos were they will finish. No transplant.

Waiting on equipment/seeds, will update with results and maybe start a grow journal

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So, I finally received equipment and attempted germination of 3 Candy Kush seeds. Seeds were soaked in distilled water for about 22 hours and then moved to Jiffy peat plugs. 2 of the 3 seeds germinated and are fine. Have included steps I used to germinate the seeds if anyone is interested.

Water: store brought baby distilled water
Humidity : 37% - 46%
Temp:77 - 82
7/5/17: started water soak @ 9:30pm
7/6/17: First seed started showing tap root about 12pm
7/6/17: Transfer seeds to Jiffy pods about 7pm
7/9/17: First seed attempting to emerge about 5pm
7/10/17: First seed put under 3.5W LED light @ 5:30am; led light height about 6" (24hr)
7/11/17: 2nd seed beginning to emerge 12pm. First seed has formed cotyledons/first serrated cannabis leaves.
7/11/17: 2nd seed placed under LED light about 9:30pm
7/13/17: Seedlings transplanted into larger pot about 8pm and placed in grow box.
The 3rd seed never germinated and upon examination on 7/15 appears to have rotted.

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