First Time Germination

I received 5-seeds yesterday I am gonna try and germinate 1. Out of the 5 , 3-have a pattern like I’ll call it
a leopard and 2 are smooth colored . They are NL Auto . Does that mean anything ?

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I have 5 northern lights autos (well 4 now 1 is currently growing) and they were all different. Shouldn’t make a difference how they look.

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That was part of my question about the seeds are they also femized ? I saw some guy on youtube that could tell male seeds from female ones. I don’t think autos can get pregnant but there is no point in growing male
Also ruff idea on how long they will last ?

All ILGM autos are female. An auto can pollinate with a male flowering at the same time. But rare chances with the timing. I have seen regular auto seeds on other sights. Cross breeding. Can last for ever if you treat them right. Cool dry dark place. Sock drawer and air tight.

Not IMO. :slight_smile:

That guy on youtube is full of crap. LOL



First Thanks to everyone who responded !!!

I tried to buy FF because that nursery had the FFOF soil I wanna use if I can germinate. But they just had this
Seed Starter for $5.00

I’m using 4 inch Jiffy Pots . . .

  1. Soak the seed for 24 hrs in tap water.
  2. Plant the seed 1/4" in do not pack dirt down over seed.
    3.) Spray with sprayer carefully -( I was un-clear about this, has the water been sitting out for 24 hrs to
    become room temp and let the chlorine dissapat ? Is it 5-sprays or 15 ?
    4.) Water twice a day and keep there for about 2-weeks and lower as needed.

This was something I used back in the day lol but it worked

but any genetics you receive from IL GM will be female if you buy feminized he will be very happy with what you grow very great genetics and easy to grow

That’s what I saw but then the guy made a video and had all the pots marked . . .

What do I know anyway Ha Ha


It means it’s gonna be kick ass smoke!

Haha- I think the pattern on the seeds are just genetics.

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I hope your right !!!

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I am 64 and a recovering stroke victim in California

These are gonna endup outside on my patio in pots probably #5.

1.) Do I ever turn the lights off ? While I leave them here for 2-weeks ?

2.) How much water do I give them I have a sprayer that I bought from Home Depot ?

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Fellow Californian!

  1. you should have your lights on 18 hours and off for 6 hours at this point.

  2. the key is to not overwater them when they are this young. You should just be misting the top soil 2-3 times a day. Too much water can actually suffocate the plant and kill it or cause problems.

Thanks for responding !!! I will cut the lights and the water now. My wife said no to me buying Bergmans Lab now so first timer has to go it alone right now.

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There are tons of us on here that are first timers. I don’t think that many of us are Bergmans lab members (although I hear it’s a great resource).

If you are part of the forum you are in good hands. We’re all here to help each other succeed! If you have questions or concerns just ask!

Ps it is best to tag someone with an @ and then their name to make sure they get a notification if you’re trying to contact someone specific.

As you know these are 0n their 6-day from germination plant1 is 3in tall and the
leaf is about 1in wide . . .
Plant2 is 2-3/4 in tall and leaf is 1-1/4 in wide . . .
I am 64 years old , a recovering stroke victim , newbie and my wife said no Roberts Lab. I am
gonna transplant in #5 plastic pots in FFOF soil in roughly another week on my patio . . .still waiting for
the pH water tester from ebay, no nuts yet . . . any ideas ??? It looks like I’m suffering from stretch
I have a little fan on the plants for 2-days not osealating

Those are a bit tall aren’t they…they are reaching for the light i guess. I am a newbie myself, but I would bury it down some when you transplant. maybe you could even build some extra soil around it now?

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Oh, and don’t worry about the nutes yet…you will want to wait until the first set of round leaves fall because up until then, they feed the plant.

Thanks . . .I put some seedling soil in the Jiffy Potts see how it works . Looks Ok !!

The top is 3-1/4 tall , leaf bottom 2 inch . . .

the bottom one is 2-3/4 tall bottom leaf is 2-1/2 inch . . .

I am suffering stretch on the height and tomorrow Sunday 08/27 is
14-days since germination . . .

My question is . . .

1.) Should I transplant ?

2.) Can I move um down(in the soil) like @Tr33 suggested ?

3.) Do I bury the whole Jiffy Pot or take the plants out ? @Hogmaster

4.) How much water do I give them and how often ?? Roughly ??? @Ray4x
I am B/O with ebay on my pH Water Tester and probably won’t get it till
Friday the 1st . . .

the pots are 10in wide by 1-foot high

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