Need help Sexing My Plants

Hey all, i’m a total newbie when it comes to growing. From all the info i have looked at i’m pretty sure these are male plants. Can somebody please give opinions? Thanks to all.

Male brother, sorry to be the bearer of bad news


Thanks, that’s what i thought. Have two more that hopefully will be females when they show…lol

KILL HIM ! ! ! The Crowd yells from the stands !

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Death to the imposters


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Now that’s a set of nuts :imp:


Out of curiosity, what were the seeds? Random bag weed seeds?

I ask because if they were auto’s or fems something went wrong that you want to solve before running into it again.


Excellent point @Matthew420

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They were Auto’s. I live in Canada and actually got the seeds from a program called overgrow Canada for free. They were calling them Freedom Dream. Wanted to try with these before purchasing any seeds just to see if i could get them to grow…lol

Auto’s should be female… something went wrong. Temps? I’d say light leaks maybe but not sure how much that matters with auto’s.

I didn’t even know they were auto’s till i researched more online and found posts from others who had received the same seeds. The site also says they could be males or females no guarantees. I got 100 seeds from them for free. After trial and error the first 4 plants that grew to reasonable size seem to be all males. My temps range between 77ish to 86ish, humidity ranges from 36% to 47%. Have a small circulating fan going 24/7. Lighting is running on timer 19 and 5.

Interesting. Temps are a bit high, 72-75 is ideal but under 80 is ok. Over 80 is getting a bit warm. Not sure that’s what is causing males or just some bad luck.

Also, auto’s are typically feminized seeds. I guess there are always exceptions.

Well i have started 6 more seeds, i will have to try to get the temps down some then and see how it goes. I appreciate all the info and help. Cheers.

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Good luck! :+1:

Correcting myself… females produce seeds when pollinated by a male. So, maybe there was a male plant that corrupted the rest?

Hey @Matthew420 I’m no expert but I believe those are the male pollen sacks . If left With your females would pollenate your buds and turn them into big seed balls … can’t really complain if they are from some free seeds tho. Growing and spotting some males early in my growing experience has helped me not get so worried about those late showing ladies . @Reptile1 u may have said already but what seeds do u have that u know strain and sex .

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Yes, kinda why I tried to correct myself. If left, they will pop open and spread pollen, then causing seeds on any females.

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They said the seeds were called Freedom Dream, and they said they were not feminized seeds so kinda have a 50/50 chance as to males or females.