Beginner 2nd Grow Indoor AK47

Strain: AK47,Indoor, Size of space:1mtrx1mtrx2mtr Grow Cell Tent , Soil , Medium used: Rocky Road Premium Potting Mix PH:5.5 EC/TDS ppm levels:N/A Temperature: 27.60c Humidity 70%: Light system/watts;600Watts Growlush

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Gday guys
it has been a while since here with first grow that was not a very successful grow of Afghan mass Auto & Big Banga.
So this time i have chosen Ak47
Purchased 3 seeds and all 3 rose there heads however only 1 has stayed with us thus far.
I had major temp & humidity issues due to very hot Queensland climate etc
Have now got her in a more well managed environment by day 42
looking forward to sharing this 2nd grow experience with you guys
will update some pics soon and would love any advice on AK47 needs for better yields etc

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A few shots of my set up and baby girl 42 DAYS


Nice little baby she’s growing good :face_with_monocle:

She looks good! :v::bear:

cheers guys
yea she’s nice
its just a struggle keeping the temps down atm
i am not using any chems at all,only tap water,is this ok for her entire grow or is there something you would recommend for AK47???
probs a silly question but how much water and how often should i feed her???
also at what point should i top her if at all???
cheers and happy growing

Hi guys
Well this my girl at 52 days 18/6
We have had a lot of extreme heat etc here in qld so it has been difficult to keep temps and rh under wraps
I have topped her once so far
She seems healthy thus far
Im very nervous on doing anything to her
Any advice at be great


Plant looks healthy.
i dont see anything wrong with her but hows the grow now? still doing good?


4 days into 12/12

Uploading: 20190303_095040.jpg…

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5 days into 12/12
So far I have only given water and worm castings
I have used LST method for last 2 weeks
I think she looks healthy thus far
Have any advice for flower stage ak47 would be great

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hows the grow?