True Noob's Need Lot's of Help!

I need so much help, I don’t know where to start. I have some Auto AK47 on order, shipped yesterday.

I have a very small grow space and a very limited budget.

I will copy/paste a support ticket in a few minutes.

Thanks for the heads up @tee3737 Also @Rdg1951 is another new guy who needs some help too with figuring out what he needs for LED lights.

If you’re a new guy and you want some help, pop in and say hello and ask a question. I have a few hundred questions myself.


A lot of good people and a lot of good information here… Your in good hands now… Lol☺



Yeah I seen the question in the other post about the 100watt led , I’m learning just like yall,I haven’t got a grow going as of yet,however if I can help with something that I know then I will. This is a heck of a place man most everyone will help with a great attitude, c ya roun


Thanks @latewood for posting the support ticket!

Strain; Auto AK47

Soil in pots with FoxFarm Ocean Forest

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? None Yet

What is strength of nutrient mix? None yet


Light system, size? 300W LED

Temps; Day, Night None Yet

Humidity; Day, Night None Yet

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size None Yet

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, neither

Co2; No

Some of my concerns are that the room I will be using is very small, kinda cool and the humidity is pretty low here in the Northeast US right now. I’m probably going to be ok on a true ventilation system until the plants have been growing awhile.

I have a bunch of stuff on order so specifically once I get my setup actually setup then I will have some real questions.

I did a few outdoor grows back in the good old '70’s but they were pretty pathetic by today’s standards. I don’t ever remember seeing buds like some of you guys are cranking out.

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You’re in the right place that is for sure…more knowledge here than I would have guessed. And everyone willing to help…

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Thanks guys. Here’s a general question about the Auto AK47. I bought the Auto AK47. In the details it says auto. I know most of the autos are also feminized. Any idea on the AK47 or are all autos feminized?

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I believe all Robert’s autos are fems


That would be awesome. I need my first round to be as easy as possible!


Hi @bob31, on what i’m understanding, you are searching for a budget friendly solution :wink::innocent:. I’m personnaly on one, and maybe I can help :relaxed:

I’m living in southern Québec and have a similar climat, even if we do have an outdoor growing season, it’s a good alternative , espacelly in our region, to grow indoor (animal pest problem like Deer, Muskrat, Striped Skunk, Raccoon, Red Fox, Shrew, Vole, cats and dogs,)

I’m not comfortable to give you advise on auto, however, I did have a first growing experience with non auto AK-47 feminized , i’ve reach about 2 lbs with 5 plants in a closet.

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Your soil is a very good one. Even if right now your humidity level is good , you will need a deshumidifyer later on, or have some kind of circulation, an outside the room intake of fresh air and inside outake for flushing out the excess humidity , it can be done with holes.

For LED, no more than 3 plants per light, your 300 watts, if you want to have decent yielding. For CO2 in my honnest opinion, it’s a must,. You can do a system by your self that’s budget friendly… I am currently building a topic for a DIY CO2 dripper…:wink:

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Welcome Noobie , you"re gonna love that pick of Auto , easy to grow (Noob friendly) and yes Autos are fems so don’t worry there. Growing in FF soil is great and you shouldn’t have to use nutes for about 2 1/2-3 weeks, just light , water, heat etc.
While you"re waiting there are plenty of places to watch video and learn about your choice of plant .Drautoflower on youtube isa great place to start. Then come back to us ,we’ll be here waiting to help.


Thanks for that input. I only ordered three of the auto and we’ll see what germinates. And then I can go from there. The humidity here right now is quite low and will be for my first indoor grow. I’m thinking humidifier (or a humidifying technique) will be needed. and probably some sort of heat, but I will have to see on that once I get going.

I am not sure how I am going to work out the ventilation right now. Especially the air exchange as outdoor air is mostly very cold and or very low humidity. I have a nearby window so I’m probably going to have to use it to some extent. I really don’t want to cut any holes in the walls for ventilation so I was going to install a panel in the window and run the exhaust out through a hole in the panel. Exhaust at the top and intake at the bottom.

The lower half of the window is covered by a bush so no one will really be able to notice it. And it faces the side and not really visible from the street.

Once I get this one under my belt I’m gonna do an outdoor grow and probably move my indoor grow into an out building that I have. It will work fine for three seasons, just not during the winter. It is insulated and pretty tight but not heated.

I’m about 4 hours south-ish of you give or take.

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Very close to me

Personnaly, for my closet setting, I have only make a hole on the 3/4 up of it, I have a 1" 1/2 inch space at the bottom of the door (it have cause me an invasion of fungus gnat but that is another story and I will put a mesh from now on :wink:) I don’t know your setting, but, if it’s in your basement , you can let open the window by a 1/4 inch and with the help of a floor fan , it will create a vaccum effect, the intake of fresh air do not have to come from the outside :innocent:

And if you have odor problem that is leaking out, just put a carbon mesh filter made for an ac unit and it should do the trick :innocent: And for the low humidity you can just put a couple of containers with water in it and heat, should do the trick, just add more or remove containers to adjust RH in the room :wink::innocent:

It’s in a room on the first floor. No basement here. Carpeted floors, well insulated and private. I have a woodstove in the next room over, so I have the window in there ever slightly open to get a bit of fresh air to the stove (house is a bit tight, which is more of a good thing in this part of the country!) So I should be ok for now I think.

I have to be concerned about the plant odor however as I don’t want the smell getting into my living area. I don’t want me neighbors to smell it either, so I will definitely need a carbon filter and an exhaust fan. I have seen a few on amazon and I have a “garden”: list of things I think I will need.

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I watched that Drautoflower pretty cool. I have also looked over some of the grows guys are going on here with autos and I’m thinking I am a future scrogger since I have such limited space I might just do one or two plants to start, but scrog them

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I don’t think an Auto is a good candidate for a scrog with only a 60 day cycle, scrogs are for training plants during veg atage with a 3-4 month harvest /grow, I"d check into that


@Niala I would love to see your thread on DIY co2 :heart_eyes:

Sorry to get off topic, rejoice!


It’s in building or construction if I may say. (the topic :wink:) I’m gone a publish it somewhere next week :innocent: