BBK-Cal Dream-Blue Dream

Well the seeds from my “seed sprouting problems” are 10 days old today. They were in small peat pots with Seedling mix and when roots came out on day seven I put into 4" pots with Happy Frog/perlite 2/1 ratio.I have them under the Aerogrow led right now but may move to tent tomorrow or soon at least. Too many plants wish I did not have to plant the last of the 3 for the replacements but we will figure something out.


Off to the races :+1:

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good start @RAP! good luck bud

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Thanks. My flower right now is the ugliest looking plants I have ever seen. The buds are huge and thick and resin looks good but … I am very happy with the way my current veg situation is going. I have 1.5-2.5 and 3.5 week olds and they look better than anything I have ever grown.

The main reason…you guys and this place :grin:

I have followed @SilentHippie for the Kind soil grows and am ordering 25# today and their carbon filter for water also and hope to use on these three and the Maui x LSD. Watering only sounds too good to pass up.

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