BBK-Cal Dream-Blue Dream in Kind Soil

This is the second journal of the 4x8 tent grow. 1st journal is here BGL-LSD Journal.

The BBK is 4 weeks today and the CD and 2 BD are 3 weeks tomorrow. All are in 4" pots and all about equal size. They were started in peat pots with EB White seedling mix. When roots showed in bottom I transplanted to the 4" pots in FF Happy Frog. These 4 plant are going to be transplanted Monday or Tues when the Kind Soil arrives. I have 5 gal fiber pots and will use Coco Loco as recommende for the top soil.

As with the other journal I will post pics this weekend and get it officially rolling with all the stats up to now.

The 4x4 tent all are in now will come down tomorrow and the 4x8 tent will go up. I have 2 QB260XL’s for one side and am going to use a 600w HPS on the other side. If I can maintain temps I could use a 1000w HPS. if needed. I have an AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6 fan and charcol filter for exhaust and smell and will have a couple fans inside to circulate.


The California dream is a heavy fast flowering plant

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added to Watching. sounds like this is gonna be a good grow! looking forward to it.

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Here are the girls at 10 days old. Right after transplant to 4" pots. At this point they are/were in 4x4’ tent.


I have the new 4x8’ tent up and every one is inside. I still have the plants under the QB260XL’s. The BBK Iis on the left the 2 BD in the middle and the CD on the right all in the 4" pots. I am checking if I can maintain temps with the 600w HPS on and if I can I plan on moving the GL-LSD and Maui x LSD all over to theat side under the HPS. The Kind Soil is in Phoenix somewhere supposed to get it tomorrow or Monday. When it arrives I will bump the 4 plants into 5 gals fiber pots and start the Kind Soil grow.


Kind Soil came today with the water filter. Bad news is nursery has everything except Coco Loco. It is at a Hydro store I believe but I do not want to go to one. Paranoid!!!

So I can use Ocean Forest and plant tomorrow. What would you do.

personally I would go with coco loco. I love FFOF as well but made the switch to coco loco when I started using kind soil because I emailed them and they said they feel that coco loco does a little bit better with their kind soil. you’ll be fine no matter which medium you go with but I do think coco loco works better (with kind soil that is, not in general)

@BlazeMaze I would love to go Coco Loco. I do not want to go to Hydro store to get it. Not legal here and you never know if they watch it to see who’s growing. Maybe a bit paranoid but better safer than sorry. Maybe I can find someone to drive there with but that would take a while. I can get the FFOF here at the local nursery. I emailed also and they told me Coco Loco or Roots Organic #1 then FFOF then last Happy Frog out of my choices. So if I want to plant tomorrow its FFOF.

FFOF will work fine :stuck_out_tongue: if you don’t want to wait then I would just use that. I’m pretty sure FFOF and coco loco are very similar anyways, basically the same thing except coco loco has coco coir in it (obviously) otherwise pretty much the same soil. I think they just recommend the coco loco because it’s harder to over water with it. (over watering is your enemy with kind soil) over watering will cause your plant to eat too much and then get nutrient burn with the kind soil. so as long as you don’t over water you’ll be completely fine. (don’t water to run off)

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I will most likely add perlite to my FFOF as I do with the Happy Frog. I should get the 4 girls transplanted tomorrow. Right now I can only get the tent down to 87° with the HPS on also. Will I be ok at that temp for a bit until I can get it sorted out?

For watering I am planning on following @SilentHippie watering schedule and water 1 qt at a time and try not to get runoff.

sounds good. it would take quite a bit of over watering to cause damage though so don’t be too worried about it or anything just be cautious of it. you’ll wake up every day to beautiful healthy plants as long as you don’t over do watering :slight_smile: as for your temp issue I’m not really sure, I know mature plants won’t have too much of an issue handling those temps but I don’t know if seedlings could or could not handle it. edit: I see you said transplanting, what size are they right now?

They are in 4" pots.


I ran a summer grow last year and my temps stayed in the 80s most of the grow and a couple times got into the low 90s for a couple days. I wouldn’t worry about 87 degrees but I wouldn’t let it get too much higher. You may notice you’re watering more because of the temps. I have decided not to grow this summer more because of the humidity than the temps.

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Thanks for that @SilentHippie. In summer here the humidity is around 5-12% I am hoping that I can get it up a bit in the tent. With ac on I can keep around 25-30% in the house. Yesterday the first day with the HPS on I was at 87-89°in the tent and 79° in the house This morning I am at 82 ° 24%i n the tent and 71° in the house. I am going to monitor through the day see if it holds.

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Your humidity will go up a little once you get plants, soil, and water in there. I live in the midwest and my issue is too much RH. You may need to look into a humidifier.

I am mostly concerned with the heat so I just ordered 2 260W QB V2 LED Kits. I am checking to see if I can get a deal on triple heat sinks then I can have XL versions. If I can then I can use the Heatsinks that come with the kit and @dbrn32 's advice and buy a driver and a couple boards to make a veg light for the other room to keep grows going.


I can help with that when you’re ready

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@SilentHippie @Kcdaniels I just put the first 5# bag of kind soil in the 5 gal fiber pot. 12" wide 10" tall. The Kind Soil comes up to 4"+ about 1/2 full. Is this the way it should be? With my 4" pots the plants are in now they will basically sit on the Kind soil when I transplant. I did firm it down before measuring.


one thing to check, do those bags have a tag on them? I’ve ordered fabric pots before that were advertised to be 5 gal pots but when I received them the tag would say something like 4.3 gal.

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