BBK-Cal Dream-Blue Dream in Kind Soil

That looks about right. When you transplant your plants can handle having their toes in the Kind soil. Fill the pot up as much as you can with your top medium because after a few waterings you’ll notice the soil will settle. I usually have to top it off again after a few weeks.


These are the bags

Tag says #5 260g polyester black

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Those are the ones I use. You can also throw them in the washer when you’re done for the next grow.


I was just reading some of the reviews, people are saying these bags run a little smaller than advertised, some people are saying a 7 gallon is actually closer to a 5 gallon bag. some are saying a 5 gallon is really a 4 gallon or slightly less. I had the same thing happen to me in the past so that’s why I asked. I would say you’ll be fine regardless but if you wanted to be safe you could remove a tiny bit of kind soil but it really shouldn’t be a problem. as SilentHippie said it’s okay for your plants to have their toes dipped in the kind soil upon transplant because they’ve already gotten their roots into the kind soil in the previous cups/pots.


I will keep as is. There was no Kind soil in the the previous pots.

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ah, sorry. I started mine out in solo cups with a tiny bit of kind soil in the bottom just like they recommend on the website so I figured you probably did the same but I wouldn’t worry, you should be okay. as long as the bag isn’t over half way full of kind soil it shouldn’t be a problem. half or less should be fine but a second opinion would be nice as I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction.

Ok lets make this one official too. Plants are in 5 gal Kind soil and FFOF.

  • What strain, Cal Dream - Blackberry Kush - 2 Blue Dream

  • Method: Kind Soil with Fox Farm Ocean Forest

  • Vessels: Pots, 5 gal fiber pots

  • PH of Water, pH t0 6.5 filtered water using Kind soils Boogie Blue water filter

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution

  • Indoor or Outdoor, Indoor 4x8’ Grow tent.

  • Light system, 2 QB 260XL LED

  • Temps; Day around 86° +/- 3°

  • Humidity; Day 26%

  • Ventilation system; 6" AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6 w/ iPower 6" carbon air scrubber filter 10.5x17"

  • AC, Humidifier, Main room has house ac to 78° Have humidifier to use inside tent or outside tent by intake vent

  • Co2; No


Sorry just seeing your post…as @SilentHippie said you should be fine…mine was just like yours and by the time I added the girls the roots were close to the “kind” soil…so far the girls are doing great !

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very nice setup :slight_smile: especially those QB’s. how do you like the kind soil boogie blue water filter? thinking about buying it myself.

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@BlazeMaze @dbrn32 @HornHead @Kcdaniels @SilentHippie @Amjk @Reticence @Covertgrower @MattyBear @monkman

The BBK sprouted 3-1?
The Cal Dream and Blue Dream were born on 3-9-19 in 2-3" peat pots using EB White seedling mix.

3-16 roots showing in bottom of pot transplanted to 4" pots under Aerogarden LED
3-21 Moved to 4X4 tent with 260xl leds at 172w at 30" height avg temp 79° 35% humidity.
3-30 Moved to 4 x 8’ tent. temps 87-89° 25% humidity
3-31 Put in 5 gal fiber pot with Kind Soil and FFOF watered with filtered 6.6 pH water

Back left - Cal Dream Back right - Blue Dream
Front left - BBK Front right - Blue Dream

Couple of the Maui x LSD hanging out on the side :smiley:


Just got the filter and used it for first time. Hooked up easy out back with hoses. May use on my outdoor veges too. Can’t hurt.


off to a great start. just wait till they hit the kind soil, they explode with growth.


I love the start of a new grow!


They were starting to get root bound in the 4" pots so I am thinking they are going to love their new foot room :grinning:


Ok, since I have everything set up and ready to go I realized the 2 sides are not on the same grow rate. Even though the BGL- LSD and the BBK-BD-CALDR are only about a week apart in age they are 3-4 weeks apart in growth.

So today I put in a SCROG screen for the BGL - LSD. I topped all three last night and the LSD is 3-4" taller than the BGL. Yesterday I put the BBK-CD-BD into 5 gal Kind Soil pots. At the moment they are quite smaller than the BGL-LSD.

Reading many journals and grows I think I can get all together to flip 12/12 at the same time. By using the screen for the BGL and LSD I can train them and get the SCROG FULL while I get the BBK-BD-CD up to par.

So by the time this BGL-LSD is ready I can have the Kind Soil grow ready using @MattyBear 's techniques. I figure a small LST with them and then flip 12/12 when ready and I will be good to go. That way I can see the differenc between SCROG and LST even though they are different strains.


Water coming out with the new filter+ from Kind Soil is 8.4. For first watering I used FF Gringo Rasta pH down. Highly not recommended from Kind Soil. I have Earth Juice natural down coming Thursday. It is what Kind soil recommends.

I watered only just over 1 qt to each 5 gal at transplant and they are looking pretty dry today. Maybe I should of watered completely the first time to allow proper water and drying. I can add just RO water at 6.4-6.5 pH until the pot is ready for the next water and then I will have the Earth Juice down and can water with the filtered water and be perfect to Kind Soil recommendations.

I do not think this will screw any thing up @SilentHippie


I put the pic from Sunday afternoon when I put the girls into fiber pots and today’s pic side by side on my screen. I do not think it is in kind soil yet but what a difference in just 2 days. :sunglasses:

@dbrn32 On my QB’s I put a piece of painters tape over the dimmer hole. I put a twist tie on the small screwdriver. I turned to lowest setting and marked it “0”. I then turned to full power and marked it “F”. I then made a mark in the middle which would be 1/2 power and then a mark between each 1/2. So I have the lines at 135w (0)-172w-210w-247w-285w(F). I am currently set at 172w at 30"

If needed I could split each section for finer wattages.


Good idea

They were super dry so I added 2.5 qts to ea. RO water 6.8/9 pH.

Earth Juice pH down crystals coming Thursday so when I need to water next I will have to use with the filtered water.


just a tip, something to keep in mind, water the size of the plant and never the size of the pot. the top half of the soil could be bone dry but the bottom half could be still saturated. also don’t try to get it down to a science or anything, each strain and each individual plant will be different and thus have different requirements. let the plants tell you when they need water. it’s good for them to get thirsty between watering’s too so don’t be afraid of them drying out too much. if you pay close attention you will know when they need water because they will show it and no harm will be done because they’ll bounce back within an hour after being watered and actually benefit from completely drying out.