California Dream/BBK

Here is my one week old CalDream. It is in FFOF soil which is supposed to be a no-no. I did not know. So far its working. The Blackberry Kush never came up so I put another yesterday in water and another CalDream in case the first one does not do well in the FFOF. I put the new BBK and newer CalDream in a homemade soil less mix. 1/4 peat-1/4 coco coir-1/4perlite-1/4 vermiculite. You can see all now under led from Aerogarden on a heating mat.


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…Thanks @anon78295680

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Your welcome :sunglasses:

Your soil looks overly wet which may run into issues for you

It is for sure. I just ran 85° over it to help flush it out from the FFOF. It is also on a heat pad to keep soil around 80° so it does dry fast if I dont keep an eye on it. Nice eye!

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Il be watching your grow for sure

Well I was at work today thinking “what’s up with the BBK?” It’s been 4-5 days in soilless after sprouting a tail and nothing. This is the second BBK seed. The first did not sprout either but the CalDream did.

So I got home today figuring how to ask if there is something different needed for the BBK to sprout and as I sat down I forgot I had not gone and looked since I got home, new puppy :grinning: Well the 2nd BBK sprouted but the first one nothing. So back to 50% germ rate so far.

They are both happily sitting under the LED of the Aerogarden on a heat mat and a nice humidity cover on top. The CalDream has a one week headstart but hope to get them both floweringtogether when the time comes. The flower room is in week 2.5 of flower with the Maui and NL clones, I am figuring last week of March for them, so 6 weeks to flower time for these gals.

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CalDream is showing roots sticking out in side of peat pot. I may put in 5 gal today or tomorrow and move under new 260xl led.

Realized I posted this in the light height thread and cancelled that one and putting it here.

I moved the CalDream into its 5 gal sized home this morning. It is now 24" under the new 260xl light dimmed to 50%. She looks a little lonely.

I got paranoid with the seedling in the FFOF hot soil so I put the peat pot in a dixie cup with 1/3rd mix of coco, vermiculite, and perlite. It is 22" under the 260xl led 3000k.