Seeds sprouting problems and more

I ran into an unlucky stretch with seeds. I posted before but here is a new thread with latest. On my last plantings I could not get BBK or Cal Dream to grow. about a month ago I got 1 of each to sprout but within a week they both died. Never looked good after a couple days.

Then I planted 6 of my own and 5 of six sprouted and I did another BBK - Cal Dream - Blue Dream not 1 of them sprouted. Contacted IGLM and we discussed a bit and they asked me to plant all the seeds before replacing. So I planted all that were left of the 3 varieties and planted 2 of the Bergmans gold leaf and LSD seeds I had.

All the Gold leaf sprouted :smiley: and the LSD :smiley: Of the BBK-CalDr-Blue Dr, I got 1 of each now sprouted but no seeds left. I emailed IIGLM and told my results so we’ll see what happens.

Now to figure out what to do with 1 BBK 1 CalDream, 1 Blue Dream, 2 Gold Leaf, 5 Maui x LSD. What a problem to have right? :thinking:

The Maui x LSD need to be cloned and flowered to find out if I have any females. The others are all IGLM Feminized seeds.

I have one 4x4tent with 2 QB260XL’s, 2 1000w hps and 1 600w hps. Didnt want to really run them all at the same time…$$$$$ but if I need I guess I can.

A 4x4 with those lights can support only 4 plants in the tent. I would try to understand what ILGM is going to do to replace the seeds especially since they suggested sacrificing all of them in the “germination trial”. They will replace but with what. Could extended veg the rest outside the tent until the others are finished.

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@WickedAle To get 4 in the tent I will have to change my grow. I now do SCROG and I have 2 plants as you can see here Nortern lights Maui Wowie flowering. I have the 2 plants in a 3.5 x 7.5’ area. So like this I can only do 1 in the tent. The 1000Ww’s are in the garage and the weather is about to get hot here.

I may try to grow without the scrog to see what yields I get but I kind of wanted to try that with the same variety so I can really tell the difference. I could do the 600w or 1 1000w in the extra bathroom. But there is the smell issue.

There is also the possibility to clone and clone again if they get to big to keep a couple going and sacrifice the mother plants.

Time will tell and of course what happens with replacement seeds will matter. .

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What is your germination technique?

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@Hungrybud I was soaking and then putting in soil when tail showed. Worked for the first couple plantings then not so well Got 1 BBK and 1 Cal Dr and both died in a week and 4 seeds never sprouted. So I changed to planting in peat pot with seedling mix.Using that method I got 5 of 6 of my seeds sprouting, 2 for 2 on BGL seeds,and 1 for 2 on LSD seeds and none on the BBK-CAL Dr and Blue Dr. Then I planted all the seeds left on BBK and Cal dr and Blue DR and out of 5 ea I ended up with 1 ea.

You have a lot of growing going on.


How often did you water your seeds and how much?

@Hungrybud I am covering seedlings with clear cups and watering when dry now. The Maui x LSD seeds are over a week and had roots coming out so Yesterday I put in 1 gal pots lightly watered and none today as they are still moist.

@WickedAle yes a little too much. Well not to much to do right now just too many plants for the flowering future

Hopefully you work it out with ILGM.


Fingers crossed for ya.

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@WickedAle Well I think it will work out. They can see everything I have done on here. Sometimes I get mixed up myself but its all here. Even If they do nothing at least now I have at least 1 of each and I feel pretty good with cloning so if needed I can keep them going, but it would be nice to have more seeds and plant later when I really need them.

On the first grow of NL, Maui, and LSD I did 10 clones each and had 90% success rate. So I am confident I can keep them going just a pain to have to do it that way.

All you guys, and ladies, here have helped me a lot.

ILGM is sending replacements. Now I need to figure out what to do with 6 different strains. do I sacrifice the 3 they are sending replacements for, grow at a later date, and put energy toward the BGL LSD and Maui x LSD as planned? Or should I try and grow all six at once?

I have the GL and LSD in 5 gl pots and the Maui x LSD in 1 gals until I can clone and see if I have a female, they are in the tent. The other 3 they asked me to sprout and they are still tiny in peat pots under the Aerogarden LED.

What a dilemma to have :thinking:

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Glad ILGM took care of you. Their service is top notch! I had an issue and they took care of me too.

I would try to keep them all going stringing them along even if I had to pull them from a tent and keep 24hr low power lights on them. If they get gangly on you you could always cut a part off and clone her.


Keep photos in veg light until autos clear flower then move one photo At a time through flower

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@anon46981397 The Maui x LSD are seeds from my LSD that hermed and I pollinated a branch on The Maui. Originally the two were Feminized. All the others are Feminized so those are what you call photo’s? What are you referring to with autos?

Photos flower when you change lighting to 12/12 autos just go whenever they want

If they are all photo then is gonna be 1 really long grow, perhaps get a few veg lights and a new tent and set 4x4 to flower and start flowering 2 every 8-11 weeks

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@anon46981397 I have 2 QB260 XL’s in the tent. I have a 600w hps I can use somewhere. I have 2 1000w hps in the garage right now but as temps will start hitting the 100° area soon I dont know if it will be workable. If winter was coming up I could use all 5 lights although $$$$$$$$$. I have ben thinking of a second tent but then another fan and filter also so more $$$$$$$. There’s the dilemma


What about outdoor or is that not possible in your location?if you have room to put light in same room as tent then leave light on outside tent and rotate into tent for flower?

Received my replacements today. Since I got 1 of each to sprout out of 5 they said they were sending me 4 of each. Awesome! I emailed them back yesterday as after the last email a second Blue Dream sprouted and I wanted to let them know.

Well They sent a complete order to me and I got 5 of each seed for the replacements. :smiley:. I could not be happier. I have 9 strains at the moment. and wish it was legal in my state so I could grow more at once and feel safer.

Great customer service, great seeds and the help from this forum is awesome.