BB ilgm auto. Almost 6 weeks into flower

Ready to harvest or wait a bit

I’d wait a few weeks 6 weeks of flowering is not enough 8,10 and even 12 weeks of flowering is normal. Do you have pictures of the whole plant and other bud pictures.


Still have a ways to go. Lots of white pistils still.


Here’s the plant 5 days ago. I see now that the pistols are just now turning

Damn pic wont load

@Billsmetro I recommended used a microscope so you see the thricomes so all depending what high you looking for

I wouldn’t even be looking at trichomes yet at 6 weeks into flowering. Unfortunately I can’t see your pictures

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When did you start counting the 6 weeks of flowering did you include preflower. I don’t count preflower but I’m only counting as a reference point anyway$/@. I wait until they’re finished to where I want no matter what the seed breeder or packaging says.

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Well right now everything is suddenly on hold. Huge storm last night. Multiple trees down on my property. Power out. Circuit breaker blew up smoke filled basement. Live in an illegal state. Had to throw my girls into a sub basement hiding place while I had 7 firemen in my house.

So far I haven’t heard anything so assuming I’m safe but still no power for another 48 hours. Guess I’ll have to start over

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Bummer that sucks

Whew sounds like a close call. Did they go into the area you grew inside in? Praying for ya bro

Oh yeah. Right next to the tent. I put some overvwintered begonias and other houseplants in the tent and placed a bunch of tomato and garden seed packets around the tent area. Camouflage as best I could in a short time.

So far still good. But gotta get an electrician in there to replace the circuit box I hope today.

Sorry to hear :disappointed: Good luck with everything in the future.

Well still safe. Had to move my girls out of the dark sub basement into my office/spare bedroom while I wait for the last of the electric work to be done. Girls look good. No apparent damage yet. Weird one seedling about 6 inches went into preflower