Bat guano for vegetative stage

How much bat guano should I top dress 5 gallon soil during the last week of veg… also how much and how often from the beginning of veg stage… BTW the bat guano is 7-3-1… Down To Earth…Bat Guano

Pictures are 24 hours apart… before and after a little fan leaf removal… I plan on flipping them around Halloween


I would go one and half tablespoons of bat guano but u want to get insect frass its really good for ur plant and u can use it for a bug spray aswell

Hit them with about 10 tablespoons each but you’ll need some potassium to balance the levels( molasses in your watering will help)

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Kool… I have been doing a molasses and seaweed extract… also some One Shot around a month ago… and I gave them some Flower Fuel about a week or so ago…they really liked it… I’m going to give them some more Flower Fuel (1-34-32) ¼ tsp per gallon of water… I may give them a little more this time… depending on the ppm’s
I went ahead and gave them ½Tblsp per gallon of soil for now… hate to change the subject… but it sure seems like I have a shitload of roots… I transplanted 3 times and used Dynomyco… I’m a first time grower… I’m in 5 gallon fabric pots

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Ohh that balances out the bat guano beautifully hmm then actually hit them with closer to 14 tablespoons each( but hold off till right before you flip them) that ll you give you the nitrogen to get through the flower stretch keep on with the 1/4 of the bloom booster fore the first 2.5 weeks during the stretch then double it once it finishes to super boost the buds but of course if you start to see deficiencies boost your feedings, yea bigger plants= bigger root balls =more water and nutes

Actually thinking about how huge these plants are going to get up it to 1/2 tsp now then up it to 1 tsp after the stretch

I’ve seen people plant in 5 gallon buckets, fill it up with your organic soil while placing 1/2” pvc piping (about 4) in different locations(depths)in your soil, to allow for placing certain dressing at particular depths to help with root growth and/or expansion.

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Thanks for the info Greensnek… I think I’m going to try the PVC pipe also… appreciate you guys

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Good luck getting that thing into your root ball , that’s something you plan ahead of time, nah just massage it into your top soil add extra if you need to, then just top water to send it down

I have some in solo cups… I will do it with them…

Woops… I forgot that I transplanted them into 1 gallon pots the other day
… I will try to add the PVC pipe when I do my 5 gallon transplant…