Bat guano teas and when to use

Hey folks, I have a question about teas. I have some bat guano and was wondering when the best time to use it would be? It’s a 0-8-0. Flower? Should I substitute or supplement a feeding with it during veg? I’m probably 4 weeks away from flower, maybe a little more.

@blackthumbbetty uses teas. Maybe she can help.

You are correct the middle number is generally used during flower, however, it also helps root production.
The first number is nitrogen content, next potash, then potassium.
Nitrogen is used for vegetative production. Potash is for root and flower/buds. Potassium is for immune system and overall health.
You wont harm it by using it whenever…generally after flower you drop nitrogen and increase P and K.


Oh, no, not me! Lol! I brew up Earth Juice nutes. I haven’t yet started adding compost teas to my regimen. I am just starting out experimenting with organics, myself, and slowly understanding how everything works together.

@MickyS Phosphorus can definitely be added to your regimen during veg, depending on what you’re already feeding, but at much lower quantities than nitrogen. Also, if your plants start exhibiting a P deficiency, you can make a foliar spray with the tea, but you’ll want to research strength to make it for foliar.

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