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I thought I’d try some autoflowering plants, but have been pretty disappointed so far. The plants (2) have been growing for 8 and 6 weeks respectively and neither one has grown very well. The larger is less than a foot tall, it started budding almost instantly with minimal vegetative growth. The leaves are yellowing like plants nearing end of life, but there are only about 6 bud sites and even less on the smaller plant.
Other plants I have grown have not had any of these issues. Maybe I should give up on these and start over with non-auto types.
Thanks for letting me vent, although I’m not really angry…hey, stuff happens.
Have a good one.


My photo clones did very poorly outside this year.
Sometimes, shit happens and things don’t go so well.


I hate to hear that, I’m new and just thrilled to make it this far. 2 of mine are short but I think have filled out nicely IDK newbie. My 1 tall one doesn’t have nearly the buds the other 2 have. Newbie so a lot of mistakes, transplanted, temp and humidity problems, root lock out. Yeah a bunch of issue but I have this now and hopefully close. For me something is better then nothing, and I started with nothing, so Perspective. Now all that said after a few grows will be looking forward to growing photos so I can have more control I do understand that now.


This is my 3rd attempt at autos this year. My first 2 grows were disappointing, but with 15 seeds in the super mix pack I went all out for grow #3…including Coast of Maine Stonington soil.

All of my growing is done outdoors.
At first I was a little confused with autos, especially with everyone growing in 3 to 5 gal pots and getting great results.
Indoor growing is a different beast than outdoor growing and you can be very confined as to how you grow indoors.
I have stepped up to 10 gal containers for outdoor growing of autos…this is a sour D at roughly 6 weeks old

Not to sure if you are growing indoors or outside


I can understand
I’m fine with autos after my first plant

Was just disappointed with quantity and lack of density

Yeah yeah @Nicky i know you have great success with them

Fully Medicated has great success with miracle grow , but that doesn’t mean we all do

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Indoors, I feel like makes it much more manageable, not easier almost said that. Because indoor you in theory have or can have control over most everything. Outdoors it’s good old Mother Nature. In the same boat bought the super mix pack so have 12 more seeds to go before I switch. Well hope for the best, I am kinda jealous tho, I really like the coloring of the one, purple that’s cool

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There are a few growers here who have essentially mastered growing autos. I’ve only had mixed success and have always wondered why new growers are steered towards them. You can hammer them for 18 hours of light if using weak lights (which there are a ton of on A) but that’s about the only advantage I see.

Feminized photoperiod plants provide far more control, grow it out as long as you want, train it, top it, clone it etc. with no potential stall of growth and so on.


Mine are doing very well… but that is indoors under very strict control. S

Sorry you had a different experience

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You may on occasion run into a runt photo but it will not start flowering the day after it sprouts.

After 4 auto grows each better than the last I’m moving to photos for the next round.

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I like the compact size of the autos. Can grow 4 varieties at once in my tent

Next year I’m going to go to the 15 gallon bags up from ten as by this time of year my WWA are rootboundish

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I’ve found them very useful but best for outdoor. I have pulled 2 crops of autos this year and have a third almost ready.

You want the tried and proven autos, not the newest fruity concoction. ILGM White Widow for example is a proven stoner and yielder.

You want to keep them out of excessive outdoor heat and have your dirt right from jump. Growing them under 24 hrs of light for a month before moving them outside increases size and yield. I have pulled pounds from WWA.

Indoors I found they grew well the same way a month of 24/7 light then 20/4 till harvest. The yields say it is a better strategy than 18/6 as I’ve tried them several ways.

The outdoor specimens seemed more potent but the indoor produce some tight heavy bud.

In my opinion strain choice is the key in picking autoflowers.


Mmmmhmmmm… Lol


Thanks, everyone. My indoor plants are less than 10% the size of any plant pictured above. I still have seeds left so maybe will try 24 hr light instead of 18-6.