Autopot mephisto grow new to coco

Hi all, I recently posted a topic a while back when I started some Mephisto beans in 6.6g autopots straight coco. I was concerned my spider farmer g8600 was too much for the seedlings. (Last 2 grows we’re sf-4000) I was advised to drop the dli since I’m 24hr. They are still very squatty. Light @ 30% still and about 40in+ from the canopy. My soil grows same age even in autopots seemed to be bigger. Which now I don’t what stage they’re in. Some don’t count the first week and I only know age when in preflower. April 5th they came up and the 13th of April is the first pic. I do have some nute burn so I’m going to back it down a bit, I had a huge fungus gnat issue out of nowhere so a few days ago I used diatomaceous earth then covered with sand. Haven’t seen but maybe 3. They’re Mephisto bubbasquanch, ripleys og, toof decay x double grape and crème dela Chem x skywalker. I feel like they’re smaller than normal and not sure why. I am using airdomes. Canna coco straight with canna a+b cx headmasta, regenaroot, sumo active boost and some others. Only using canna Ab right now. Temps are 78 humidity low 70’s still within vpd. Can someone tell me why their so small?

8 or so days old?

Light is 44in from canopy.
As always any advice is appreciated and always welcome. Thank you!


Right off the bat, I kept guessing with my light, 12" … 18"… 44"… I burned my plants, then stretched my plants, guessing sucks. Then I found this little gem on amazon… perfect PPFD, every time. (Just over $30, app is free)

Uni-T Migro

Uni-T Amazon

PPFD - app

As far as why they are small, to high of PPFD / DLI will keep them short. Not really a big problem.

Have you topped those girls? Kinda looks like it. Just curious.
Do you plan to LST?

I would probable try to take off as little leaves as possible to allow air flow between the surface of the coco and the beginning of the plant foliage. Basically preventing mold or powdery mildew. Do some research on this site so you understand how to do it, it can be over done. You just wanna take leaves, not branches.

I only see one fan, if you don’t have another yet, having air circulation above and below the canopy is important, make a plan.

Sounds to me like your using way to many feeding products. I have never used it, but my understanding is A-B a liquid form similar to Jacks 321 which is what I use. If I’m correct, the A-B is all you need. Maybe silica.

If you decide to use silica, timing is important. If your doing any LST the silica will stiffen the branches, making them easier to break. I’m in week eight and just starting to use it. I actually started from the beginning and broke off a top… what a gut punch. Again, there’s ton’s of good info on here about how to use it, the search function is your best friend. Try multiple variations of phrases for the topic you’re searching, everybody says thing a bit different.

Most of these “complimentary” products are just marketing BS, don’t go to manufactures web sites and believe them. I did a quick search and A - B is a “complete” formulation. I started to use it, but went with Jacks due to cost and repeated reviews from experienced grows with fantastic success. I’ve good things about it, so use it up, then consider Jacks if you wanna save money.

This guide is awesome for reading what your girls need. Study it, and study your girls. Don’t obsess over it, just watch closely and try to catch things early. Good pics on here will get guru’s here vast experience to guide you.

Cannabis Leaf Symptoms


Get you PPFD / DLI correct.

Defoliate for air flow. (Carefully)

Just use A-B and silica and cal mag if needed.

LOL… I like to ramble apparently, ask all the questions ya want, I’m sure there’s a ton of guys with a lot more knowledge than me willing to help.

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I have an Apogee PPFD meter. I’ll have to compare the results of the PPFD app you’ve posted with the Apogee meter.

I should check it against the Photone app too.


Migro has some great video’s on it.

I tried the apps where you use paper to filter, could be me but it just didn’t have consistency. I figured I could eat $30 and I’m glad I did. It’s been a great combo for me.

Dang, I should have mentioned to the OP, @Brian384 Make sure it’s the blue tooth version, they have one that’s not. To use with the app it needs to be blue tooth.


The photone app reads pretty close to my apogee sensor…kinda surprised.


@Hellraiser did something similar a while ago with Photone and had a different take on it.

The problem with phone cameras is that they are calibrated to take in 400 to 700 nm wavelengths. The photosynthetic range is a little more wide and runs from ~350nm to 800 nm, give or take.


That’s what I found, back to back to back readings were all over the place. Whether it was me or the app, I need something easier to use and more consistent.


Interesting, gonna run some test like this tonight and will report the results!


I think that I’ll do the same at some point today and will post observations as well.


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Okay. Back on topic and I should probably contribute to the purpose of the thread.

They’re not all that small for being a month old and they look healthy. I see no reason to be worried.

Suggest getting the app @1LuckyMF suggested or Photone. They may not be 100% accurate, but they will get you close. Lighting minimum recommendations by growth stage:

Seedling: 300 PPFD
Veg: 600 PPFD
Flowering: 800 PPFD

I run my plants at 1,100 PPFD during veg and flowering.


I was looking at the migro as well. I don’t top but I’m very aggressive with lst. I’ve done some but they’re small and haven’t really reached out yet. My Rez right now I’m also using calmag and silica. And jacks apparently is the way to go. A lot of people use with autopots. Thanks for advice as always!!

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