Autoflowers with Bergsmans Plant Food Fertilizer

I bought the Bruce Banner Autoflower and the Bergmans Fetilizer set. The autoflowers say they can be harvested in 10 weeks, but the Bergmans Feeding schedule has a 14 week schedule. Is the Bergman Feeding Schedule based on the Feminized seeds? Not sure what to do, if I should shorten the Flowertime and Growtime weeks or what. Any help would be appreciated, I’m starting the first round tomorrow. First time to growing indoors or at all, any advice I welcome!


Welcome to the community @NewtoGrowing I believe the times are an average like. It could take more depending on the conditions. I am on my first grow. But I have learned so much from the good people on this forum. @PurpNGold74 @MeEasy can y’all help here?


Not only are the listed times averages in ideal conditions but they are also estimated time from when the plant goes into flower. NOT from when they sprout.


Thank you @Flitme for the tag and yes @NewtoGrowing welcome to the neighborhood, I’m not familiar with the ilgm nutrients but what I do with the stuff I use is four weeks into the grow I’ll start switching over to flower food increase the intensity of light and watch for them to complain if they stay happy I give them all the light I can. I feed differently (I grow in living soil) than what their feed is but it’s the same idea because autos start to flower somewhere like weeks 4-6 you switch to flower food where with photoperiod plants you will veg them sometimes 8 weeks before you switch them to flower


@Impatient i tagged ya here cause I thought you might enjoy the info that will be presented :sunglasses::v:t2:

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I did not know that thanks so much

And i believe when they say harvested in 10weeks, it’s 10weeks from when they start to flower :wink: and as others said that’s in ideal conditions, and you growing it perfectly, it having NO issues, etc etc. But you will do fine, it may take longer, just stay patient and come ask questions here and you will find PLENTY of help and resources if you go looking at grow journals and the bergmans bible, etc and youtube what you’re interested in knowing and watch some vids and come ask questions again to “proof” what you’re hearing/seeing to give you an idea of what YOU feel comfortable with and you will do fine :slight_smile: welcome by the way


See I took it as 10 weeks from germination like most others do. I am relieved that it will take longer. I was worried I wouldn’t have much to harvest due to my plants being so small. I thought I was running out of time. Good info thank you

What’s a grow journal and how do I look at them?

@Impatient, I believe this is what you might be in search of.

I’m pretty sure autos are a 8-12 week seed to harvest

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Welcome to the community @NewtoGrowing. I’m much like you, first grow and purchased the same Bergman nutes from ILGM. I’m honestly still wondering the same, but here is my PERSONAL thought process and what I’m currently doing.

I started with the seedling feed, of course when they were still itty bitty. Then swapped over to the Growtime (Vegetative Stage) feed, when I got my new lights (long story, I’ll link you my support thread for that). With that said here, is my plan…

Per researched growing guidelines, I will keep feeding them the current vegetative feed (Growtime) until the plant stop its vertical growth. Keep in mind, you will probably have some buds before the hight is capped off, but keep pushing the Growtime feed. I believe this is to maximize the plants full potential before starting to feed it Flowertime nutes and The plant boosters. At the point it caps off and I start feeding it Flowertime is when I intent to follow the Flowering portion of the grow schedule.

Your in good hands here. The community has helped me tons already and I’m barley getting started. Once again, I might be incorrect on some of that info, but the grow gods will for sure let you/me know otherwise! I’m sure we will figure it out together!

—Link to Bergman’s Nutrients—

—Link to my grow support form—

—Feeding Chart—

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@Flitme @MeEasy Thanks for the advice and support, definitely found alot of great knowledge. Just had my first Bruce Banner seed push through the soil today!!!

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Thaks for the advice!

@BuzzedLightyear420 keep in touch would love to see your progress, I just had my first plant push through the soil today! Bruce Banner!

Your welcome ask away anytime I’ll try to answer or point you to an answer… I tagged you in my diary

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You bet bud, will do! And congrats on the BB seedling popping. This is the start of a beautiful journey that you embark on!

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@MeEasy @BuzzedLightyear420 I have a Bruce Banner Auto starting to flower a little early at 3 weeks into Veg. Need some help with when to start LST, I read it should be around nodes 4-6. This has 5 if I am correct, but this seems too small to start? Or am I wrong? Also, do you think I should now switch to the Flowering Nutrients or stay with the Veg nutrients until the recommended time and start flower when suggested. Or start the flower nutrients now since it’s in flower. Attahced pics if you dont mind giving me some feedback that would be great! Hope all is well!


@BuzzedLightyear420 How has the technique with feeding growtime nutrients until growth has stopped work? I need to jump over to your site…

@BuzzedLightyear420 do you feed the Growtime and Flowertime nutrients together if the plant starts to flower early? Then cut Growtime off when max height is reached then stay with Flowertime and Booster til the end? I think I am finally understanding why the chart is the way it is. It all depends on what your plant does and when! I think…