Autoflower stretch

Do autoflowers double in size upon flowering? I have gorilla glue af at the approximate 5th or 6th week. She looks like she is at the very beginning of flowering. I’m seeing some signs of what I
believe to be preflowers. From this point, about how much could she stretch?

Also, my last plant hermied at the 3 week mark and I took him out. I dont want my girl to be a dude. This is what I’m seeing from her now. I hope the pics can help.

The amount of stretch depends on the strain. Some stretch more than others. Even if they’re the same strain.

From my experiences it depends on your strain as mentioned above. As well as growing environment pot size lighting ect ect. Looking like a female to me just remember patience. Never grew gorilla glue myself

When you see these it has begun flowering and it’s a female. That doesn’t guarantee no hermie but at least you know it’s female at this point.

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