Autoflower Question

Don’t start this if you don’t have time for a story. :wink:

So, my friend says to me, “We’ve got some autoflower seeds if you ever want to grow them.”

We work it out, I get the seeds, I stick them between wet towels, they all germinate, I plant them, I transplant them.

germinated January 13th, planted January 15th, transplanted to forever homes January 19th.

Growing pretty good, catching up to some others.

A few days ago that friend and I are talking and he tells me he got those seeds in a bag of stuff he got from somebody who told him he grew feminized autoflowers. They were grown outside, they produced these seeds. (I would never have taken them had I known.)

Here’s the question. If they were autoflowers, when would I see preflowers? I have one with what looks like a couple of preflowers. Enclosed find my preshrunk image.


I’m doing a whole lot of guessing, so nothing is for certain, but they may be the type that will hermi late in flowering, which might mean in a controlled environment with you keeping a close eye on them they’ll never have a chance to produce any late hermi flowers.

This looks more calyx/pistillate than staminate to me.

I am of a similar thought. You are just going to have to watch them, and see what pops up. Wish you luck I guess if they do not show some flowers my the end of the month, you may want to induce flowering period

I’ve got some vertical space left. I’ll let them get a little taller first. :wink:

:slight_smile: :smiley: Good deal :wink:

I’ve been growing auto flowers for some time now and I have learned a lot about growing autos. Ones you have grown them for a while you will see how easy it is and what you have to do to them and not do. What to give them and what not to give them. (food, fertilizer, water). They are really easy to grow. And to answer your question. A true auto flower will start flowering in about two to three weeks no more than four weeks. Every one I grew started flowering in the third week. It does have something to do with light, and how long they are on, food,water,etc. But I’manyway I’ll help you if i can. I’ve got two autos going rite now. They are four weeks apart. Take care, William from: middle Tenn.

Totally agree. 3 to 4 weeks, maybe 5 or 6 for some and they should start to flower. they should flower for about 4 to 6 weeks depending on all those factors that all we know about.

Whist I mainly grow light sensitive plants I always seem to have a few autos kicking around. At the moment I have 2 outside in the vegie garden. They are about 4 feet high. The seeds went in for a 12 hour soak on x-mas day (summer here). Went into seed raising mix on 26th and went out into garden as soon as they were up and looking happy so I will take a guess and say 5 or 6 days later. They Started to flower at about 4 weeks and I recon they have a week or 10 days to go… Maybe!!

Autos outside are the way to go if you just want to grow simple stuff to get some buds to smoke. Stick them in. Give them a feed, water them when you think of it or when you water the rest of your garden and next thing you know they are ready to pick. if you live in a place that has a mild climate all year you can grow them all year. Might be a little stunted in winter but as long as you don’t get frosts etc they will be fine.

Okay, they didn’t autoflower at all. After five full weeks, I went ahead and began flowering on February 24th. Since then, I’ve learned the following.

Two were male. They were summarily executed for their crimes.

There are two distinct strains. One with wide leaves and one with narrower leaves. The wide leaf plants are taller. The narrow leaf plants average about 3/4 the height of the others.

Every one of the wide leaf plants have gone hermaphrodite. Two of them did so a couple of weeks ago and were removed… The rest (5 more) did so this week. And we didn’t catch them before the pollen sacs spilled, so I’m betting on no Sinsemilla this time around.

The wide leaf plants are also starting to show dark pistils. (less than 10% so far.) They also have an interesting bud formation that reminds me of a pineapple. (I was told some of the seeds are Pineapple Express, and the rest are OG Kush.)

So far so good. Although I won’t be using the seeds produced in this crop. My next grow I will play around with cloning and creating a single “seed plant” by using colloidal silver.

I tried to blame the hermies on environment, until I realized it was only that strain, none of the widows or the smaller leaf plants hermied.

My guess is that since the seeds came from outside plants they are of mixed parentage and can’t be trusted to be strain faithful. I’m thinking they hermied because that’s a trait from one or more of the parents. (Like those autos that always hermie at the late stages of flowering.

Can you find the “dribbles” in this picture? Each of the five plants have a few pollen sacs. Most of those have been opened already. We picked off the ones that hadn’t opened.

BTW, it is not just ruderalis, aka, autoflowers, that have the late hermie tendencies, some sativas do as well. It does happen most often with, as you mentioned, outdoors where there are a lot more strains that are starting to go feral, if you will. I saw this a whole lot from the lower grade seeded stuff from mexico and I was told it was because it had been kind of breeding and pollinating uncontrolled for a long time with who knows how many different genetic strains added in over time.

I also read an article recently where it is now beginning to be thought, in some educated circles, that ruderalis itself is the archetype or kind of ancestor of all cannabis, and technically there are only two types of cannabis, broad or thin leaf drug types that all should be classified as Indicas(as India had a huge part in the early breeding efforts to domesticate the drug type, possibly going back about 10,000 years or so), and all low THC types, also despite being wide or thin leaf are ruderalis and should all be classified as sativas, in other words sativa is just wild cannabis and indica is refined bred cannabis for high THC and other cannabinoids.

Is it possible for an auto plant and a reg. fem plant to grow in the same grow room? Can someone plz help?

Yes. The lights are used to set the feminized plant to flower. The auto doesn’t care about light. That said, many Auto’s become hermaphrodites and can impregnate your regular plant. Other than that, it’s not a big deal.

During Veg - yeah. But during Flower - the photo needs a 12/12 light schedule and the Auto will do best with a 20/4 light schedule.

Dazed an confused myself, with a bit of frustration. Stopped here 13 means something to me. I’m trying to turn my fem auto’s to seed an since I have no males I’m just going to grow them out. Do you know if I’ll get any fem seeds. Or will they just be hemi seeds. An is that bad

I could be wrong but I believe that they need to be pollinated to have viable seed.

Autos generally hermaphrodite and produce seeds. Feminized don’t unless you force them to herm. Autos produce more autos, not feminized.