Immature plants

I have a small plant that appears to have already started producing trichomes. I was preparing to transplant it from a solo cup, but should I not bother?


No pistols, just showing their female sex. Do you know if this is an auto or photo period plant? Regardless I would transplant to the final pot :love_you_gesture:


I don’t know anything about the type of plant or whether it’s auto flowering or not. I started several plants from some seeds a friend gave me and three plants look like this, and the others look completely different.


I would transplant to the final pot. Most auto flowering plants will start flowering around 40 days or so above ground/from sprout regardless of the light schedule :love_you_gesture:

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How long ago were seeds popped?

About three weeks.

You can transplant if you want.

thanks. i did yesterday. i’m very new to growing so I appreciate any help.

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They are likely autos and will start flower very soon. They will probably be small but still worth growing out. I have had a couple of autos that flowered very early but still made something.
Like this one. It gave up a solid ounce.

Even this that got temporarily banished to a bush outside finally flowered and made 1 bud that also weighed one ounce.

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ok, thanks!!