Autoflower feeding end week 6. ppm using general hydroponics? First grow

I am getting ready for a feeding with my autos. Any suggestions for ppm? I am at the end of week 6. Using general hydroponics flora series with liquid kabloom. This will be my first time adding terpinator. Growing in strawberry fields mixed with ocean forest. Last feeding 3 days ago was a 4 gallon mix containing 15 ml cal mag, 4 ml flora micro, 4 ml flora gro, 4 ml flora bloom & 4 ml of liquid kabloom. My starting ppm was from tap was 200.

I forgot to mention that my ending ppm was 570.

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Maybe some more helpful info would be that I am growing in 5 gallons fabric pots and am feeding every 3 - 4 days with 2.5 quarts to each one.

I’m in the same stage with my girls. I’m using the same nutes, minus the Kabloom. I’m trying to put ppm above 1000 into the girls every 3-4 days.


@TommyD thank you for your help. Would that be 1000 total for your autos or 1000 of nutes? I guess it would be both if you were using RO.

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Maybe I’m overthinking this. I am just trying to do the best by my plants.

If ur first feeding start off half dose and see what happens from there so u dont fry them. All autos are different in different areas. Start off at half then next feed go 3/4 the whole if all is well. Less is more in most cases with plants


@Mark0427 here are the weapons of choice this go round. Also the feeding chart I am using. Problem is that is doesn’t include kabloom or terpinator. I’m also adding silicon solution & cal mag. I’m just kind of winging it on those amounts. Here’s my notes for the last 2 feedings. Please give any recommendations. I’m all ears…or eyes for that matter.

@Mark0427 Sorry that was notes for 3 feeding with just a water feeding on 4-24.

Today my nutes had a ppm of 644 - 123(my tap water) = 541. I put in the following. Per gallon.
5ml Cal-mag
2ml Micro
1ml Gro
8ml bloom
Tbspn of Molasses

My runoff was above 1000. It was actually a little high today. My soil still has some heat I guess. I’m in my 9th week and will be feeding only a few more times before I’ll flush.
I’m adding PK in between feedings too.

I’m fairly new to this. But I’ve grown all kinds of plants for 40 years. I have already learned that each plant is her own entity and different. These girls were much more thirsty than I thought, OG Kush, a difficult plant I’m told, than other plants and I had issues. But I think I’ll get to harvest them in a few more weeks.

This was a big learning grow for me. My others were much easier.


Not sure if this helps I’m a new grower as well. I am on day 28.


Ph 6.29

Ppm 800-900

Run off ph 6.4

Run off ppm 500

My PPM IS BASED ON; General Hydroponic Flora Grow
3 mil Cal Mag
2.5 mil Micro
4 mil Grow
1 mil Bloom

Like I mention I’m a new grower and this is my first season.

I feed 4 cups every 3 days.


@Chip303 @TommyD sure it helps. Always nice to have a comparison. Especially since it’s my first go at this. Thanks for sharing.


@TommyD What problems did you have with the OG? If you don’t mind sharing. I have some of those to grow also.

Compared to the Sour Diesel I grew before there is more work and more issues.

All three plants were doing well. Suddenly 2 got light green. Then some of the leaves started getting yellow. Some had spots, some didn’t. I had to diagnose, with help, and at first I had a nitrogen def, or so we thought, and then it was phosphorus/potssium issue. I think I solved the issue and will harvest, but I had issues that I didn’t have prior, that’s about it.

I woke up to this one day. There was a lot more work with the strain. I looked at the strain and some had similar issues. That’s all.

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I’m not sure but in week 9 you should be feeding more PK ( Grow and Bloom) could be the reason this issues happen. I’m no expert. This is my first season.

I’m currently in week 7 and I’m feeding;

4 mils Cal- Mag
2 mils Micro
4 mils Grow
6 mils Bloom

PH 6.48
PPM 900-1000

Run Off
PH 5.8
PPM 700-800
I have no issues so far with this. My lady’s next feeding is tomorrow. Where I will repeat this process.


I am using more grow and bloom. The girls are coming right along. Should harvest the first one next week maybe. At least that’s what people more versed than I have suggested. I guess trichomes will tell. Today is day 65 from when seed touched soil.

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