Auto SLEEP strain?

Whats a really good strain to smoke at night that will really help you SLEEP?

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Grandaddy purple maybe?

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I would go for something Indica dominant, and when growing, wait for about 30% of the trichomes to turn amber.

I have been growing black berry kush the last couple of grows, and it works great for me, at least until my bladder wakes me up :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I harvested a GDP a while back and it helps me sleep all night.

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If i take even slightly to much of a purple punch edible it knocks me out but that’s because its the strongest strain I’ve grown so far

You want a Indica dominant plant with lots of amber.

Want the buds to look like this. My first love will always be Sativas.


Sweet zombie is 95% indica and will be one of the fastest growing strain you’ve ever seen… 7weeks till harvest …that will be my next grow after this super skunk auto is finished along with some red super skunk… both are badass in thc level… good luck

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Sweet Zombie. Haven’t seen that here

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You can find it at… expert seed company it’s awesome :muscle:

Northern Lights, GDP, Purple Kush are al great for sleep. Pic an Indica or at least an 80% Indica dominant hybrid and 30% amber Trichomes at the Harvest :love_you_gesture:

Girl scout cookies done with alittle more amber trichomes and u will sleep well

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