Auto Regular seeds?


I looking for info about Reg auto seed,and how I grow that and when are ju see the sex?

Thanks for so Good Growers here!

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Didn’t know that regular auto seeds were an option.
From what I understand there are regular then there are feminized and then there are autos that are feminized.
Could be unaware of there being regular autos?

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Newguy420 has them I believe

ILGM does not have regular seeds, but there are some out there by different breeders.

Exact newguy420 order my friend from and if you have to wait to 5week and then see Dick sounds stupindo?

Regular seeds are cheap but a 50/50 chance of male so pays to get feminized or auto fem.

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The average ratio of regular seeds lean female. 60:40 .


Can I ask where you get this from?

I’ve never seen from the 70’s til present

I have never had a Male, knock on wood, fingers crossed. But I just started no long ago.

It was on the back of my DJ Short regular blueberry seeds package. He’s been around since the 70’s and the original breeder of Blueberry. @pyper

If you give it some thought in nature, it still makes sense statistically to have more females than males, especially with a pollen type reproduction. Females make all the seeds. IF you have a field of all females, and the wind changed direction every hour, ONE male could pollinate the entire field.


Yes, I have met Dan at a cannabis cup, however, I still believe in 50/50

The question is are you talking about TB or BB with the 60/40 ratio?

Not sure on the TB is.
Regardless of the strain, I’m willing to place 60:40 the ration on any strain. Dan has been doing it longer than I have.
My animal cookies is following this ratio of 60:40. Your grow may vary.


I have been growing since the 70’s, TB is true blueberry, BB is blueberry, I grew a lot of these back in the day, it was all over the east coast back then

original_blueberry_retouched55 true_blueberry_retouched55 blueberry_sativa_retouched55 blueberry_trichomes_retouched55 oregon_purple_thai_retouched55


The seeds I received are from DJ Short. The original blueberry breeder. I’ll tag you in a picture on his seed packet information. When I get home. I get home late tonight. @pyper

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I have his blueberry and it’s now c99 x romberry :slight_smile:

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No no, for sure you can have plants crossed with ruderalis that have auto traits but have not been ssxually altered.

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Hi Growerz!

really nice brides you show up, these one would have had.
bought some GDP.BLAST.AUTO.REG / from newguy420.
is there any way to turn Reg Reg to Five?

fun you write green friends!

Fem I meen yee.:call_me_hand:


There’s another website I couldn’t link due to some seed links I found in there. But humidity, temperature and light are the main factors in determining sex given ideal conditions.


Big Tao sells only regular auto seeds. Flash seeds has a lot to choose from. Just do a search for regular auto seeds and you will find there are a lot out there. Seedsman has a long list of them.

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