Limited Auto Seeds - Is it possible to get a harvest and produce some seeds?

Hi hive mind!

I’ve only got one grow under my belt which turned out hermies, and now Im ready to plan my next attempt. This time, instead of manky old bag seeds - I have some spanking new auto-seeds from ILGM.

I have the auto mix v2.0 and planning on growing Jack Herer auto for my next grow. I have 5 Jack Herer Auto seeds.

Given these are not fems - I assume 2 or 3 of these seeds will turn out to be male - so I will need to be vigilant and separate the dudes out when I see them. BUT -

My question is:

If I wanted to use a male to help help produce some seeds - is that possible and what would be the best way - whilst keeping a good harvest of lady-buds?

I was thinking - if I was to pull the males out when I can ID them, and put them in a space bucket. At the same time - take a clone of one of the females and whack them both in an isolated spacebucket I have laying around, would a male auto have time to fertilise a fem auto?

Or would it be better to sacrifice a female for this task?

Or maybe this is a fools errand?

Anyone out there tried something like this with only 5 seeds?

Thanks legend ILGM peeps.

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@Jim_040. An auto seed is auto fem. there shouldn’t be any boys in the batch.
You would have to get reg seeds to get males. Hope this helps. :grin:
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Read this and you’ll see that you won’t need pollen


It would be easier in the long run to just get photos and take clones , it would be faster than doing autos also


Ilgm autos are feminized, so you shouldn’t get any male plants.


In my humble opinion…Get a couple good Auto grows under your belt first and get botanically creative when you have produced enough herb to carry you through any lean times when you do get creative and it goes all tits up (God forbid)


this wright here is the best way and you get all feminized seeds

The new innovation if using STS (Silver Thiosulfate Solution) has somehow become commonplace – and it’s a great one because it is highly effective. It has allowed feminized seeds to be found everywhere, meaning that the average grower can buy feminized marijuana seeds. Better yet, we can all rest assured that they are probably properly feminized, rather than the hit-or-miss feminized seeds market of days past.

So what is silver thiosulfate? It’s a half-and-half combination of sodium thiosulfate and silver nitrate. It simply causes a hormonal reaction of stress in the plant that triggers a change in gender.

So how do you actually create feminized marijuana seeds yourself? It involves a little bit more than drenching your plants in silver thiosulfate, unfortunately…

First you should decide which plants you’re going to use. They should all be female and from one strain, and nearly mature. Then just take one of them, separate it from the bunch, spray it with STS, let it dry, and finally replace it alongside its sister plants.

Download my free marijuana grow guide at this link for more growing tips

That plant will start looked very stressed out. It will turn brown and might worry you with how close to death it appears. Just five days later, however, it will begin its revival. In one month’s time, this plant will have finished its transition into being male. At this point, you can simply shake the new male plant right over those same females, thus pollinating the female plants. Because the new male plant used to be female, the pollen it provides is actually female pollen. That means that, after just a couple of weeks, these pollinated female plants will create feminized seeds.

Although the process seems extremely simple, especially compared to other methods you may have heard of, this doesn’t mean you will have success on your first try. Luckily for you, breeders you might want to buy feminized seeds from always make sure each batch of seeds, along with the entire process, is successful. They will, therefore, give you seeds that you can depend on. In fact, these days the highest end feminized seeds have a feminization rate of 99% or more, so this method is clearly a huge help to the marijuana industry.


Hi Mr G
may I also have the link please ?

Download my free marijuana grow guide at this link for more growing tips


Wow guys - thanks so much for all the info.

@Oldguy @dbrn32 - I wasnt aware that all Autos from ILGM are feminized - this will make me rethink my approach totally! I only have space in my cabinet for 2-3 plants so I think maybe instead of planting all 5 and trying to get seeds I’ll just plant what I need and have 2 grows from the 5 seeds. Thank you for this info!

@James68 - this is actually good advice I think. I would prefer to focus on the basics before I move to the advanced techniques :slight_smile:

@garrigan62 - whoah - okey dokey thats some impressive knowledge there! Thanks so much for sharing!

Im so appreciative of this forum and all its knowledge - thank you guys!


read the Guides above on Autos and you won’t go wrong.

Thank you for the kind words. If you ever need any other advice or help just tag me and i’ll be there as soon as I can,



Sorry i’m a little late with this. But here is the link


Thank you Will…I really enjoyed reading the reply you posted.
James…snowbound in Wales