Auto in 15 gal pots

Is a 15 gal pot to big considering how qick they grow.? Will the plant focus to much on root growth? Newbie be gentle lol

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In my experience 2-3 gallon pots work great with autos
I have even had room left over in a two gallon pot after harvest meaning roots didnt fill pot up
If you feed and water correctly the roots do go hunting fir anything and wont fill pots up
When a pot gets root bound it’s normally caused but lack of watering and feeding causing roots to search for what its needs
So to answer your question yes it would be a waste of dirt but they will grow just fine in a big pot

this is what im doing with my autos just experimenting a little with a 20 gal pot @Hogmaster also is running a multi pot grow lol

This is same pot 4 weeks later


Thanks mate, wow they got some height brother :+1:

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Yeah i didnt top them or anything i just left them be in pot
Watering and feeding as needed
If your doing single plants ise 2-3 gallon pots theybwill be more than enough and youll save a few $ in dirt and nutrients when feeding
Youll need to convert gal to liters lol brother

Hahaha interested in how they turn out mate… yeah all over the conversion cheers :+1:

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Ill keep you posted @Budslayer

I have one plant going outdoors as well under a scrog
But i just play with the outdoor stuff not legal whree im at yet so im in a green house for cover
My main grow is indoors

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US Gallon or Imperial Gallon?


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I think you already know that answer
Thanks fir making me laugh this morning
Happy growing brother