Auto flowering wedding cake. From ilgm

Day 68 from germination. Wedding cake autos from ilgm. Thanks for the beans.


They look great! What kind of lights and nutes you feeding them? Just curious. :clap:

They are under 600watt hp and 120 watt led corn Cobb light. About 1000 par at canopy. Fox farm trio with super thrive and alittle cal mag. Tap water aerated 24 hours ph down to 7 add nuts and brings ph to about 6.1 6.6. One topped, one fimmed, one main lined, one tied down along the rim of the pot and others lst.

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Beautifully done. They look amazing

Looks like you done them beans real good like. :clap:

Nice and tall ! Have you tried any side lighting so you can hit the lower nugs ?

Awesome, I have some critical mass autos I guess @ about day 48! These autos are mind blowing how fast!

Done the same thing,topped some,lst some,and just let some go,so far for me TOPPED AND LST by far out performed the rest!
Hope to make it as far and look as good as yours!


Yeah. The topped one is looking best and is taller than the rest. The main line is just staring to flower. Be curious how long until I see amber crystals. Next best performing is one tied down and as grows in veg , run the main stem around the soil pot. I was gonna try that strain. Looks great. Only thing I’m alittle disappointed in , I never quite get the smell profile descriped on the website.

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Thanks man.

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Yeah. Seeing what the end yield is will help me decide. Use to run t5 lights. Probably last grow under these lights. Need to up grade to a Mars hydro setup.

It’s was a shock to me how the autos reacted to topping.
I thought I’d messed up, I topped first one on 16or17 day above ground. The next morning it showed pistils…I thought great…prob there yesterday and I didn’t see them. I was worried.
But they took off like mad. Next thought was they would grow to fast and spacing would be horrible. Again it wasn’t that bad. The next nodes below grew so fast I have one that might as well have 5 tops. Some w4.
And the spacing is better than ones I did not top.
My first autos, so I don’t know if that’s typical, but if that will help you compare what yours did after cutting👍?
I’m just now beginning to pick up some aroma in them. Was worried on that as well.(good thing tho because the weather, unbelievable,warm and wet for December) iv had to leave tent open to keep temps down but they are giving off some smell now.
For me, as new as I am at this, it’s great to be able to share little stuff like this. It’s great help, to be able to compare at same time is like double ing your experience.
My seeds were ILGM as well.

Also…the tallest ones are over 30" last time I measured one.
Some are still creeping up a bit…but mostly seem done. They in 3gal bags, and I water every day, 1liter, w jacks “pure and simple” (ro/distilled) and lights are 18/6
In flower I will let humidity down to 45if it falls, and temps down to 67, and start freaking if I hit

I have four of these with tomato cages around them now. All that crazy growing after topping and the claim that they may break stems.
Looks like that could be possible in a while…should be able to support them easily now.
So that claim from them could be possible…lol…the terpenes I just dunno yet. Something makes me want to beleive the skunk is in there tho! Lol

I’d skip Mars hydro. I started there and upgraded fairly quick.

If you’re looking to continue flowering grows that size you’re best bet would be building your own.

Couple people around here swear by some of the more budget lights like King bright and spider farmer.

I went with HLG after all the reviews.

Mouth watering. Couple months away from burning.


Wow! Awesome looking!
Got me worried now! You way ahead of me, I’m just starting to see some colors coming on,they are def gaining weight tho!
Nice work man!

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That’s quite the science experiment with all those training methods all in one tent!

All things being equal, which method looks the best at this point??

Have to Say the topped one, then the one pulled down and main stem run along the top of the pot. Like picture. They all look pretty good. But this the first run on this strain, another run should tell me if topping autos is a hit or miss. Might just stunt the plant. But looks great so far.


I did the same thing with 7 of them.
Totally agree with KY. Topped and very light bending was BY FAR most productive.
I don’t know why there are so many suggestions not to top and auto.
Maybe just got lucky this time too, like he said, I’ll sure try it again to make sure!
I did not bend any main stems as hard as he did right there tho!