First time with auto flower

Not to shabby for my first auto. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Took a minute but its finally in flowering. Plant is 2 months old. Did not top only lst.


Only thing I would say if possible try to do as much leaf tucking looking good though


I’m not an auto pro, but my tip would be to keep the environment as optimal as possible. Here’s my GG at day 44 from breaking ground. Temp stays between 74 and 79 24 hours a day.


I’m still a beginner. 4 grows in - all with autos. A lot of assistance & info from this forum talking me off cliffs with support & helpful suggestions.
This is a Blue Dream auto in 5th week of flower. I messed up LST with her but she’s still doing ok I think.
Good luck with your grow! :potted_plant::peace_symbol:


Looks great.


First time with auto flower. Week 7 from germination. Should I up the nutes to full strength? Using fox farm trio. Using half strength now.


I usually increase my dosage in 1/4 increments

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@GCJunkie your looking good bro

:+1:t3:thank you

Thank you. :peace_symbol:

Depends on how much they are consuming. Obtain this by testing runoff over time.

@GCJunkie man teach me the way my brother.

Keep your nutes at 1/2 strength. It can be very easy to nute burn an auto. I’ve done it alot. Your flowers will still be good, just not what they could be. Here is my Gelato at week 12 from breaking ground.


lookin good.

@Autofreak hey i hear that i upped my nutes by 1/4 and burnt the tips hope it doesnt affect potency


I was taught by my Nani that less is always better. Just lost like a mf

LST not lost

@GCJunkie i been doing lst and bending leaves didnt think it was a good idea to do defoliation

I’ve been defoliating. It helps open it up to get more light to those precious buds. Careful though, not too much. Take the big fan leaves blocking buds or tuck them after vegging. I’ve been lucky with my success. Just a rookie here😁