Auto Flowering Plant Questions

Hey all, just wanted to drop a line and a few pics and ask for some advice/knowledge… This is my first Auto grow and my first planting I have the Cotton Candy and she is showing nice, sticky buds and the beginning of a big center cola and she is 51 days from seed, my other girls is a Critical Kush Auto that is on its 53rd day. I see white hairs starting [I’m pretty sure} on some of the nodes. I was hopeful for any advice on my plants I think I’m on track for my first Auto grow… thanx, peace.


@fishhead4268 your pics didn’t load

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@fishhead4268 I tried to look at your pictures but there is an error , they didn’t download !!!
When your loading pictures make sure the it says 100% downloaded, sometime it takes a few minutes, try and repost them, I’ll be looking for YOU !!



No asvice. You have it all under control. Great job Just keep going what you are all ready doing and you be fine.

Will joint

Hi Will, Can you see my pics? The others say they are not downloading.
Thanx for all the advise… I just dont no when my Candy will be ready.
thank you


No pics to see, I checked all the links this is what I see when I go to them

Im having a hard time with my pics , getting them off my computor. im workin on it. thanx

You can drag and drop pics into the reply box. You can also upload from the reply box, 7th option on the tool bar is for uploading (highlighted in picture below)

No…No pic’s sorry


Pics are up

Pics are up!

Umm @fishhead4268 your pics didn’t load

Hello MB, I got the pictures up if you could take a look at them for me… I got a a scope so I can see the tricombes and figure it out. Thanks for the help

Here are some pics with the scope, looking like she almost ready…

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Hello, I was reading a post and wonderd if you could help me out? Im new and have some nice plants going and I got the pics up. I also was wondering about a support ticket that I read about, After this harvest I have one more outside with 11 Regs not autos. I appreciate any help!!!

nswer these simple questions the best you can. Ok sure thing ilgm support Jedi.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA - special queen 1 (RQS)

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Light mix soil

System type? Just watering by hand PH 6.5

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Haven’t had a runoff to check yet

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS - PPM was at 300 after up downing it for 10 mins to get to 6.5

Indoor or Outdoor - indoor

Light system, size? 380ish actual watt LED

Temps; Day, Night 65 - 78 max between day and night
Humidity; Day, Night 40 - 60 ranges

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size currently just a 6inch fan to move air around and tent is left part open

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Neither right now but have a de humid and will be getting an AC

Co2; Yes, No nope

I copied this from another post, just edit out the old stuff and put in your info. Hope this helps.

thanx a bunch, I think my Cotton Candy will be ready in 4 or 5 days and then the Critical Kush is right behind her. I also have Reg seeds planted, they went in the ground on 4/11 and are 7foot now. its the first time I did a complete garden outside. I live in a 420 state but growing is not friendly, sucks I still have to do guarilla grows!!

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@fishhead4268 wow you planted on the 11th and there 7ft tall . I can’t wait till my state is legal so I can grow outside again, it’s been years. But I do love growing inside my harvest went way up once I got my environment right. But then again I’m growing 7ft tall plants . I would love to see some pics of that big girl when you can.

Your grow looks kick ass. It looks like you have those babies dialed in.