First time auto grow Amnesia haze. I think she is flowering already. She’s not that old

Most definitely is. If you don’t treat autos perfectly they tend to do that. Start them in solo cups so they can build root structure fast first then transplant to final container. You won’t get more than a blunt from this plant. Growing autos, I recommend growing in coco, they grow faster in it

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Was this a clone when you got it?

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I would say its flowering. How old is it and walk us through what’s been going on so far. Transplant or anything like that?

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Hey guys. This is a GSCX af 3 weeks old. Is it small? I topped it at 2wks / 3rd/4th node. The new growth leaves look funny. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks

Hey I have a candy cane autoflower and it’s small like the picture and it’s almost ready for harvest what’s up

Autoflowers or very finicky any wrong move and you will start them for life and end up with enough weed to roll blunt on one plant switch the photo period plants

That’s probably all I will end up with is a blunt last year I got 15g dry off my GDP autoflower i dont understand what I’m doing wrong

Should I harvest it anyway because it’s been like 3 months

Need pictures before I can judge

It’s ok I’m just gonna harvest it anyway it’s been like 80 days so I’m afraid its gonna start dying off cause the buds are getting dry feeling

No show us a picture first, it may be to soon. I had a white widow auto go almost 6 months

Too late lol I pulled it thismorning but thanks I switched up my soil and I have another candy cane that’s already an inch tall and it’s been 2 days since i put it in dirt

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Still, would like to see some pictures

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Here’s my autos in flower they started after two weeks from sprout and grew rapidly in compost, cheap compost too :laughing: Your issue could be some sort of stress that stunted the plant maybe? I think autos generally only veg for a couple weeks so they literally need no stress what so ever or anything that can stunt it even if it’s a few days stunt it massively impacts them, I killed off three of my first ones just from using the wrong soil (top soil) now I know no one else in the planet is stupid enough to use straight top soil :laughing::man_facepalming:t3: So don’t take that advice, my next seedlings just sprouted are in coco and perlite but I have to completely switch my nutrient brands over to suit the medium, which isn’t a problem but I didn’t know this until today :laughing: a lot of good people on here brilliant community hope you get the help you need and I’m pretty certain you will!